When Psychics Go Rogue

Since the dawn of time, man always had a need to know what the future would hold for him.   He would look to the heavens for signs, noting eclipses and the movement of planets.  He would interpret his dreams, looking for symbolic answers to his concerns.  What spurs the need to know what tomorrow holds for us? 

We are all born with a sixth sense but because society for the most part has favored logic over our natural built in psychic radar, the lack of education on how to give, get and respect psychic information allows for some people to exploit their extrasensory senses for the sheer pleasure of the Ego.  When someone who is aware of their psychic GPS goes rouge, look out! They can create one hot mess by delving into your very delicate, energy field.  Misinformation can suddenly turn into manipulation as the rogue psychic attempts to come off “all knowing” and in a very covert way manages to direct you into situations that serve their Ego and not your highest good.

In my most recent book, The Book of Transformation: Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World, and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos, I explain how we are all hard-wired for psychic sensing ability.  It is in our DNA.  In my first book, The Street Smart Psychic’s Guide to Getting a Good Reading, I thoroughly define the process of getting and giving psychic information and the RESPONSIBILITY that goes along with delving into someone’s energy field, their consciousness. Letting an unbalanced psychic into that energy zone is like letting a drunk rewire your house. The results can be explosive.

What I want to address in this blog is the problem I see all too often when people who do not practice energy grounding, who lead suspect lives or are looking for their fifteen minutes of fame, attempt to impress and possibly even manipulate others with their rudimentary psychic skills. Remember, we all have psychic senses; some people develop them sooner than others so don’t be so eager to give your power away to someone who is blindly trying to navigate through the higher dimensions.

Be aware that some people who have no ethics also have no problem using information they pick up psychically in order to manipulate and control you.  Rogue psychics do not follow the protocol of energy clearing, energy balancing and energy grounding.  They are dead give always by their all too common practice of giving unsolicited psychic information.  You wouldn’t walk into someone’s home without knocking so why the hell is someone peeking into your energy field without your permission?  Big RED flag!

Tarot cards, astrology charts and other tools of the trade can be lethal in the hands of a rogue psychic.  I recently heard of a situation where a person with some emerging, psychic abilities thoroughly blasted apart someone’s life  by exploiting bits and pieces of information that had an underlying agenda for the  psychic instead of  helping the seeker-who by the way, had no business looking for information on a few unsuspecting friends.  The rogue psychic wanted to seem important and the person looking into matters not of their concern also most likely wanted to seem important.  Knowledge is power but the laws of Karma determine your fate if you should misuse any information from the source field.

Rogue psychics traditionally have lives that mirror their own energy.  Their life is a manifestation of what they are all about on the inside and outside.  It’s not about living lush, wealthy lifestyles but rather a life that is balanced and tuned into the right frequency.  If someone who is running from the law, back stabbing their friends or doing drugs for instance attempts to give you psychic information please realize that this type of rogue psychic might have a hard time reaching into the higher, more refined frequencies of  the psychic information field.  Someone operating at a lower vibration can only reach into the lower dimensions of psychic readings.  The information is usually mundane, negative and usually off.  To reach into the zone that goes beyond the psychic spam folder, the fourth dimension,, a psychic must be balanced, grounded and respectful of extrasensory energy. Every now and then a rogue psychic may get some pertinent information but it is not lasting because in a sense it is like stealing someone’s internet connection when you don’t have your own.  The contact is fleeting. It’s not their network.

Your best course of action in these evolutionary times of realizing the psychic sensing system of our spiritual, energy body, is to hone your own psychic abilities and only go to  balanced, responsible, people who respectively give insight from the higher realms of the Cosmos when you need some guidance. 

Whatever you do, please don’t go rogue. Learn how to understand how your psychic senses work, how they originate through the Chakra centers on your body and most importantly how the energy you interact with affects your own subtle energy body.. Babies learn to crawl before they walk and as with anything that is new and emerging the intrigue can sometimes make you throw caution to the wind. The doors to the higher dimensions are opening to allow you to reach beyond the veil of the material world and experience the vibrant energy that comprises everything in the vast Universe so above all else respect the protocol of giving and getting psychic information.



  1. Such an interesting article and I really enjoyed reading it. I think a lot of great advice was given especially when it comes to responsibility in giving readings. My interest in psychic ability comes from certain dreams that I have had and feel as though some of the things that I have seen has ended up happening. I would love to learn more about this.


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