It's a Poor Sort of Memory that Only Works Backwards.

In my line of work as a psychic, I often encounter many clients who are emotionally stuck.  Imagine it as a recording that hits some static and then fizzles out unable to get past a certain point.  It is “human nature” to cling to the past as if it were some sort of security blanket that provides for us a known set of circumstances that usually brings about the same results.  On some level we know what we can and have handled in the past so the probable outcome is more or less the result of repeating patterns of behavior that we somehow feel secure with knowing that we have experienced similar situations over and over again. No surprise that we fall into the mode of self-sabotaging even our own best efforts.  The unknown is scary because we often lack faith and trust in ourselves which in a sense keeps us caught in an emotional playpen restricting our ability to explore and grow on a spiritual level.

The energy or spiritual part of our make-up needs to have certain experiences so we can grow and refine our level of vibration and although we should honor the past we should also learn from the experience and allow ourselves to move forward and take the lessons with us rather than repeating the same test over and over again.  Psychic readings, astrology readings and other forms of divination are meant to be a test prep for your life’s challenges, providing you with clues as to what you may expect to come about so you can exercise your own free will and innate intuitive abilities to make discerning choices to further along your own spiritual growth.  Psychics do not provide you with guaranteed results because you are responsible for your own choices. Readings are your strategy plan and you choose your own battles.

The past, present and future are all happening simultaneously since there really is no separateness.  We, as spiritual beings having a human experience, compartmentalize life into time frames that we work in to resolve karma with others, refine our own energy, and evolve so we can realize that holding on to emotional dramas from the past only detours us from gaining the full benefits of living in the moment which is your most powerful stance.  By living consciously in the moment a world of possibilities is there for you so you can explore new things that will ultimately lead you to better knowing your true self and leading a less fearful life. The labyrinth of life will always bring you back to the center.

Fear is an emotion that can really screw you up.  We are afraid to let go of things from the past because we lack trust in the fact that we will be just fine.  You are more resourceful than you know.  I read many people who get stuck when relationships fall apart, jobs end and finances go downward instead of upward.  The one thing that they all have in common is that they keep themselves stuck by constantly repeating and reaffirming the same thoughts from the past instead of picking themselves up and believing in themselves enough to enable them to move forward to the possibility of something much better.  Successful people tap into their inner resilience and keep things in perspective knowing that they are responsible for their own fulfillment and happiness.  A mind the works only backwards is a form of psychic self-attack.  Some emotions are vampire emotions that suck the life out of us and cause stress.  Stress begets illness which is like a parasite living off of you own life force.

Resolve yourself to stop thinking about negative past experiences, failed relationships, the what could have should have been and instead honor the lesson, take it with you and explore the open field that it leads you to.  There are no enemies; only teachers.  Don’t deny yourself of your future by getting stuck in the past.  If the same argument keeps coming up over and over again resolve it once and for all because there really are no winners if the path to your future keeps getting blocked. I find that when I disengage from people or situations that ignite old patterns of behavior I become my most creative self.  I personally have rebounded from many tough life lessons and although the fall may have been bumpy I landed on my feet down a much better rabbit hole where life becomes magical.

Push your Ego back.  The Ego is influenced by the mind. The spirit rides with your true heart energy of love and know that self-love above all things enables you to realize the true nature of your soul.  Be good to yourself and it is easier to be good to others. The Ego likes to know what will be so it can begin to build barriers of self-protection. Train your mind to move forward instead of backwards so your spirit leads the way.  This is the key to transformation.

It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards.
~Lewis Carroll



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