Reach into Your Energy Draw

We live in an ever changing world or Universe for that matter, and it is only understandable that we too also have to be able to shift and adapt accordingly to new technologies, environmental changes and the all so available, creative, healing dimensional energies around us that aren’t as elusive as they may seem. Everything that we SEE also exists as energy beyond the physical manifestation and additionally things that we feel on an emotional level are also first and foremost energy.  Emotions are basically energy in motion.

Once we begin to recognize we are beings that exist both simultaneously in the physical realm as well as the spiritual (energy) realm we can then begin to fully utilize our innate abilities to manifest, heal and create the life scenario that we want to experience.  Our thought energy is extremely powerful and when it is fueled by strong emotional energy combined with the power of intention, our reach into the realms of dimensional energy allows for us to become metaphysical physicist.  Honestly, that is why we have to be mindful of the intentions behind our thoughts, fueled by our emotions because negative situations will come about just as easily as positive manifestations. 

Recognizing that you have the ability to reach into the energy world to get what you need brings about a spiritual epiphany.  Imagine that you are in your kitchen but the spoon that you need is in a draw.  You only have to reach into another space to retrieve what you need.  Energy works the same way but is more pliable than the physical manifestations we are used to working with because energy in the raw exists in a kinetic state and we can begin to form it and mold it with our thoughts and intentions. Sometimes we believe that we only live in a physical world ignorant of the fact that every single thing also has an existence as pure energy. Once you acknowledge the energy world you will also become cognizant of how the energy feels.  The next time you are angry or upset run your hands over your own body outline and I bet you feel how static your frequency feels to the physical touch.  Likewise, energy from positive situations feels like “dancing” vibrations to your hands.

Exactly what  does it mean to be able to work with dimensional energy? Here is an example:  You need money.  This is a situation that we can all relate to in some way or another. The mistake we make is that we ONLY look for the physical money instead of the energy of money. First determine your intention behind your financial need and see if falls into a high vibration of intention with contentment (having what you need) being the higher vibration of the energy where as greed (having money to flaunt it) being the lowest vibration.  Next we need the emotional energy necessary to manifest.  Any emotions associated with love, such as caring, sharing and helping others, are sure to jump start your creation process. Emotions that take things down a notch are rivalry, jealousy and anything that stems from fear.  There are residual complications that come from manifesting based on negative desires.  Spin off energy can ricochet back to the original source and show up as illness, emotional fatigue or beget physical circumstances of the most undesirable kind.

Once you are clear on your intentions and emotions reach into the energy world and start creating.  The easiest way to do this is to get physical representation of prosperity energy.  The stone citrine vibrates to money; the color green additionally pulls in the energy for financial peace of mind. Almond essential oil has a pleasant and sweet aroma and is a great oil to use for money, riches, and wisdom.  Keep open to all possibilities when creating so you don’t limit yourself to only one outcome or opportunity.  Set up a little alter space on a table or desk top and FEEL the energy world.  Feel it until you can run your hands over the items representative of your desires such as the crystal, stone, swatch of color or whatever else you use to pull the energy in because there really is no separateness; everything exist in a quantum or multidimensional state which springs from the one source. Reach into your energy draw.

Once you begin to work consciously with your ability to function creatively and productively with energy you will begin to realize that you attract what you alone allowy ourself to create like the good, which comes from love and the bad which is rooted in your fears.  Many illnesses and medical conditions are manifested by our own ignorance toward self-healing via out thought, intentions and emotions.  Recently I was at a Reiki share where we discussed how disease is a parasite that lives and thrives off of negative beliefs fueled by strong fear based emotions and negative self-defeating thoughts. We feed ill health with fear, stress, and by not believing that we can’t turn on our built in healing codes. Illness lives off of a person not in a person.

Some life misfortunes are nothing more than a buildup of negative energy that wires our etheric energy grid with cords of fear which results in manifestations based upon past life unsettled  energy.  It is similar to having too much junk stored on your computer’s hard drive that will eventually interfere with the optimum performance of your system.  You have to dump the junk!

In my book, The Book of Transformation: Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos, I explain how to use Psi Balls so you can experience what energy feels like when you create it via your thoughts and intentions.  I also list in Chapter 7 some amazing ways to initiate self-healing.  The book is available at:

We have one foot in the physical realm and one foot in the spiritual energy realm. By using all of the sources available to us we realize that the Magick of the Universe is only a slight shift or reach away. Don't feel compelled to only follow the land-scape and rules of the physical world but also explore the energy-scape of the  higher dimensions where dream seeds await your care. 

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson



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