The Mind Creates Time, Space, Limitation and Delusion

When you come right down to it the only thing that really limits us is our way of thinking; our very own thoughts that we seed with information that we choose to download into our personal emotional energy files.  How much more resourceful would we be if we began to use all of the sources of the vast Universe to experience life from the vantage point of higher consciousness?  Once we accept and acknowledge that the flow of energy from the celestial traffic in the heavens is available for us to tap into we can more easily tune into the Universal stream of information that helps us download and decode all the little subtle nuances and nudges we experience throughout the day.

You don’t have to be a Yogi to tap into the constant data of the Universe, you just have to live in the “NOW” moment and be open and receptive to the signals or prompts that you are given. There are no barriers or boundaries; energy is not restricted by time and distance. A person can be healed, create or have a hidden agenda revealed to them by remote viewing energy tracks just by reaching into the dimension of higher flowing vibrations that are not in physical form.  Even prior events from what we consider time past, are still in existence as energy imprints and readily available to tap into as well as the future elements that we wish to mold in order to create what we want to be our next experience which we call “the future.” We are in the game of life and we choose the players and equipment to face the challenge of evolving on a spiritual or vibrational level. 

Working with the “unseen” world of energy isn’t as difficult as you may think.  First step is to TRUST your feelings.  Pay attention to what, how and where you sense energy hubs in or around your body.  The Universe will help you decipher any nonmaterial messages by giving you clues such as repeated number patterns, synchronistic events, lucid dreams and other nudges toward certain things to tap into for information.  I find the best way to get daily up-dates to my personal energy system is to allow myself to stand outside under a blanket of stars, planets, and other vibrational entities with an open mind and palms facing upward to pull in the frequency that I need.  Just because you can’t visibly see it, the energy, do not think for one minute that it is not there to help you.  I have received some of my most profound insight, remotely viewed situations and accepted guidance just by opening myself up to the Universal energy available to all of us.

One of the biggest initial challenges of working with Universal energy is to operate your physical brain more as a filtering organ instead of a totally logical, judgmental organ.  The Ego cannot interfere in the gathering and decoding of the energy hits you receive for guidance.  Once you learn to function from your higher spiritual self you can finally drop the Ego which only serves the self, disconnected from the interconnectedness to others.  We all come from the one Source and separateness is only an illusion. Here is a simple way to explain it. You know the feeling, sometimes you meet someone and you can’t explain it, but you just don’t like their ‘vibes’. Nothing they do or say actually seems bad, but you get a feeling around them that you just can’t shake. Or how about when you are out socializing with good friends you feel on a high and are the life of the party or when you are pissed off people know to stay far away lest they incur your wrath. Communicating through vibrations is an age old technique and is the first step to manifesting in the material world, healing others and yourself.  

Universal energy harmonizes the mind body and spirit through the seven chakras, or energy points in the body. The lessor chakras in your feet and hands help you feel the energy of the material world around you, the things you touch and even the energy you step into such as a store or office or airplane. When you walk into a place you also walk into the energy residue of the thoughts, actions and intentions of those who have also passed through those doors.

Working with the Universal energy around you can help heal “old wounds” that may be affecting you in the present. It will not change the events, as past things cannot be changed; but understanding and adjusting energy to the past helps reframe the experience as part of a learning process, and it helps heal the pain and move on with your life. Filling up with Universal life energy is like filling up your gas tank for a long journey. It assists you ahead of time for a special appointment, interviews, examinations, meetings, or traveling.  It gives you the “amps” you might need to help you adjust to any unforeseen circumstances of things that have not yet happened so you can keep an open and optimistic mindset to guide yourself and create whatever you need for your highest good.

We all have old emotional energy programs running through our vibrational system and the path to spiritual evolution is learning how to obtain energy, reach for what you need in order to perfect and heal any blips we may be carrying around from prior life experiences. It is taught that Karma can only be corrected while in the body and once we understand how to let go of any overly charged energy attachments then it is healed. 

The mind creates time, space, limitation and delusion. Enlightenment is going beyond the mind to the Universal Source.

No past no present no future. Freedom from delusion and karma. When you are aware of the massive resource of Universal energy available to you it provides for enlightenment and self-empowerment without the Ego.  You tap into an openness for release, dissolution, and understanding of all things. 



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