Mercury Retrograd October 21st-November 3rd 2013 with a side of eclipses for some drama

If you have been giving some thought to clearing out some clutter from both your life and your closets, now is the perfect time to do some rearranging.   Mercury will once again be going retrograde and to add to the confusion there will also be a Full Moon eclipse on the Aries/ Libra axis on October 18th and a Solar eclipse November 3rd on the Scorpio/Taurus axis.  It looks like we are all in for some unexpected shift to go down. 

Mercury turns retrograde October 21st at 18 degrees  Scorpio and will go direct on November 10th at 2 degrees Scorpio, the sign of transformation; death and rebirth; the proverbial  phoenix rising from the ashes.  Scorpio is a water sign and deals with your emotions on a very deep level-“what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is this sign’s mantra.  You can expect some emotional house clearing with this retrograde and a strong reminder to take note of who’s “stuff” you’re dumping in the process. Is it yours or is it left over emotional clutter projected onto you from a bad relationship, nasty boss, or maybe even some unresolved childhood issues from a bully. In any case, it has to be cleared out.

Mercury rules communication and also electrical things.  When things go wrong, break, and get misplaced during a retrograde what we witness the most are the emotional meltdowns that everyone has to show their frustration at the occurring situations.  People go nuts when they are stuck in traffic, can’t get their car’s sun roof to close, or don’t get an expected letter or phone call because of delays. It seems that the emotional drama takes center stage while the broken “whatever” sits idly, unable to function.  If we could only use our emotional energy to give all of our broken items a “hot shot” to get going again then there would be no problem.

Interestingly enough, when Mercury goes retrograde your electromagnetic field (aura and subtle bodies) take a hit from this planet as well.  Mercury in Scorpio loops back to revisit emotional energy issues that you may have hidden away somewhere in one of you chakras, the file cabinets for attachments and stored emotions.  This retrograde will give you the opportunity to revisit certain held emotions, illusions and beliefs so you can unclog any blocks that may be hindering you from moving forward. Things usually kept in the dark may suddenly be brought to light because of the eclipses falling in and around this retrograde.  Issues concerning sex, hidden objects, secrets, lies, covert dealings, law enforcement and agendas will most likely be served up during this time. Dealing with the dark side of the world alone causes a lot of emotional drama and hot wires your electromagnetic field to take off on an emotional rampage.  Follow my rule of thumb for the retrograde and you might side step some drama:


Try to be mindful and aware during the retrograde because Scorpio energy knows what buttons to push in order to get to the root of things and uncover what we may or may not want to find out about a person or situation.  The tag along eclipse on November 3rd also brings a lot of emotions to the surface and we have to be careful that we don’t get sucked back into situations that aren’t in our best interest.  Recognizing when to detach emotionally from people, places, and even things helps you realize what is worthy of space in your life.  Learn to let go of attachments and emotions that keep you down because on some level of consciousness you may be holding onto to an “atomic bombs” worth of emotional energy that tethers you to the past, interrupts your present, and compromises your future.  Remember, the retrograde brings reunions, returns and revisiting the past.  The accompanying eclipses are a crap shoot and can signify an end to a problem in sight or possibly the beginning of an upset.  The next few weeks are sure to be interesting to say the least.  Expect the unexpected.

Use this Mercury retrograde in Scorpio to effectively release and regroup your emotions.  It urges you to take a look at your own dark side and offers the opportunity to resist old patterns of behavior so you can stop recycling the “same old, same old, situations.”   Avoid signing contracts and closing deals at this time because there may be some hidden agenda that was cleverly concealed but wouldn’t be revealed until Mercury goes direct.

Don’t’ whine-Drink wine


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