Are Your Relationships Operating from the Lower Three Chakras?

We all seem to worry at one time or another about relationships.  We worry about having them, fixing them, getting out of them, and we even do crazy stuff like measure our own self-worth according to the relationships that we do experience.  We say that relationships are great when they are experienced through the heart and the mind but we fail to realize that most of our relationships don’t even make it out of the lower levels of our chakra centers, the filters for our consciousness.

Love Rooted in the Lower Chakras still functions through separateness where we get caught up in a lot of emotional drama and misconceptions that are Ego based.  We crave approval, use sex as a measuring stick for love, create crazy addictions to people, unhealthy relationships, dependencies, unrealistic expectations and we use a lot of emotional energy in the form of  manipulation to get what we want or  sadly enough, to “get even” with the object of our desire.  I did say object because from the lower chakras we objectify the person we are attempting to control.  On this level, love is invariably accompanied by fear, guilt, and shame making what started out to be a great romance nothing more than an emotionally draining experience that can only be temporary.

A physical relationship is not just a biological urge because you can rest assured that you will also be dealing with a lot of wounded child, psycho, emotional issues too. Once the “new car smell" is off of the relationship the accompanying attachments, expectations and dependencies creep in and we try to control the other person and somehow give them full responsibility for our happiness. When the other fails to fulfill our expectations, we blame them, do something shitty to them or try to change them through manipulation.  All this stuff lays in your chakra centers like a piece of cold pizza that you ate at three in the morning when you couldn’t fall asleep because you were having a relationship melt down moment. 

Your chakra centers are like the “Cloud” app which is a software application that is never installed on a local machine; It is your personalized space forever, accessible anytime, anywhere, using any device with an internet connection, giving you access to your files and all the apps you'll ever need.  Consider this, your body is the device and can only hold so much information. The chakra centers of your subtle bodies, are your” Cloud” and can access long held emotional memories that are still held within your chakras and imprinted into the Akashic Record, a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of each soul and its journey.  As human beings we interact consciously and unconsciously with this body of energies throughout our lifetimes. 

Not to skive you out but every sexual encounter that you ever had is entangled within your chakra centers unless of course you have a spiritual friend or personal Yogi  tell you to release and let go of any limiting blocks, misconceptions and  attachments to prior relationships. The good memories can stay but the bad dates and destructive relationships have to be transmuted to a more neutral vibration so they don’t cause static and repeated patterns in newly formed unions.  It’s scary to think that we track this stuff around with us and even unknowingly expose others to our previous “entanglements.”
The chakra centers serve as a connection between matter and the mind and receive, assimilate and express our vital life energy that relate to certain parts of the body and have specific emotional and energetic resonances.  For those of you not familiar with where the chakras are located here is an illustration:

These seven chakras hold all the emotions, deeds, and actions you’ve experienced in all of your incarnations. It’s the repression and denial of emotions that causes pain, mental suffering, and screw up relationships if they get stuck in the lower three chakras.  You have to be like Pac Man and make it to the upper level of the heart through to the Crown Chakra where love is realized as a spiritual connection- don’t worry, you can still have sex but it is better.

When the lower three chakra centers are balanced and clear we experience security, empowerment to live and love with healthy boundaries, not giving away our personal power and the ability to experience pleasure, accept change and be creative. Basically we are fun to be around and there is a beautiful bridge that forms and reaches into the Heart Chakra and upper chakra centers.  Jealousy, competitiveness, and insecurity can keep you operating at a very basic instinctive level of consciousness in relationships if you don’t honor the past and release the damaging emotional energy.  You have to acknowledge  that not all people are good for you and can entangle their crazy energy in with your energy which creates a lot of relationship problems and drama.

Here are some of the things that get stuck in the lower chakras and weigh you down with emotional issues, attachments, and unhealthy energies that keep you from working on all cylinders.  Let’s start at the root chakra at the base of the spine.  Take a look at what you’ll find and tell me if you don’t feel like jumping right into a salt bath for clearing out what you probably didn’t even realize was stuck in there like bugs in the basement.

Root Chakra:  Associated Emotion: Fear

An overactive root chakra may appear emotionally as an obsession with food, money, sex or obsessive need to secure the basic essentials for survival. An underactive root chakra may manifest as lack of self-esteem, a distorted view of one's self worth, a sense of disassociation with society, or a lack of stability in adulthood.

Emotional Attachments: Previous partners, children, anyone you’ve ever had sex with, needy people, money issues, material things, thought forms, unborn children. Previous partners or significant others leave their imprint in this chakras and can continue to influence through energy cords that continue the association if not cleared by transmuting the energy.

Suggested essentials for clearing and balancing:

•             Scent: Basil, Patchouli Tea Tree

•             Color: Red,

•             Food: Root Vegetables such as Carrots and Potatoes,

•             Crystal: Red Jasper

•             Musical note: “C”

•             Affirmation: I am rooted in life and in myself

OK….on to the Sacral chakra located at the lower abdomen.

Sacral Chakra: Associated Emotion: Guilt

An out of balance sacral chakra may present itself emotionally as having issues with sexual promiscuity, emotional defensiveness, chronic depression, addictions, and the in-ability to receive or give joy and love. 

Emotional Attachments: Anyone you have ever had sex with can leave some of their energy field in your Sacral Chakra. Strong thoughts of lust can lodge there too even if there has been no physical contact, and it is common to find that miscarriages or still births leave behind some of the energy of the soul who would have been born.

Suggested essentials for clearing and balancing:

•             Scent: Orange, Jasmine, Ylang- Ylang

•             Color: Orange, Food: Melons, Strawberries, Passion Fruit, Oranges, Coconut

•             Crystal: Carnelian

•             Musical note: "D" & "C#"

•             Affirmation: I love myself exactly as I am right now

As you can see the lower levels are like the basement and garage of your house where we have a tendency to store our junk.  To make it up to a healthy bedroom we have to clear the clutter.  Next the Solar Plexus, the gut feelings we all have about our relationships even though we sometimes attempt to deny  what we feel.

The Solar Plexus Chakra:  Associated Emotion: Shame

When overactive, this chakra's fiery nature can consume us with anger and violent rage, or manifest physically as dry skin rashes, irritability or a nasty personality. When this chakra is underactive we may feel depressed, lack passion, desire and motivation to move forward and accomplish our goals or find it difficult to manifest true purpose in life. You may be easily manipulated, cold emotionally and physically with a tendency toward victim mentality and blaming others. This chakra signals you through “gut” feelings which present as either an excited (good) feeling or as an uneasy (bad) feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Emotional Attachments: People with whom you have had an emotional entanglement in the past whenever that may have been. Ancestral spirits, relatives, needy people. Invasion and energy leeching emotional vampires take place through this chakra. A 'stuck-open' solar plexus means you take on other people’s feelings easily. You may well receive intuitions through your solar plexus as you unconsciously read other people’s emotions. Being too empathic is also a sign of an attachment in this chakra.

Suggested essentials for clearing:

•             Scent: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Rosemary and Lemongrass

•             Color: Yellow

•             Food: Pastas, Breads, Cereal, Rice, Flax Seed, Sunflower Seeds

•             Crystal: Tiger's Eye, Citrine and Amber

•             Musical note: "E" & "Eb",

•             Affirmation: My personal power is growing stronger everyday

Energy cords to other people who were and are not good for you are like being plugged into a bad receptacle. You get so entangled in the energy matrix that you lose sight of yourself. Entanglements (even the word sounds a little risqué) get in the way of forging ahead with healthy relationships where you meet someone at your vibrational level and not have to go down in frequency to accommodate some freak.  Release anything and anyone that does not serve your highest good including possessions, relationships or even philosophical concepts. The more you release the more power becomes available to you.  Your intuitive guidance will never let you down when you honestly listen to it.  The most important relationship you have is first and foremost the one you have with yourself because if you are not happy with whom you are then there isn’t anyone in the world that will make you happy.

Your body speaks to you if you listen.  Meditate on each lower chakra center, where we all seem to get stuck, and clear what holds you back from moving forward.  This stuff will repeat as patterns of behavior and keep attracting the same type of people to you until you realize your chakra centers are not a dumping ground for emotional garbage.

Relationships with others, particularly those we are closest to, is the fieldwork for self-discovery. If you find yourself constantly arguing, relating without healthy boundaries, too manipulative, or obsessive then please do get some energy healing so you can enjoy your journey with a partner that loves and respects you from the highest essence of energy.




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