Mars Retrograde: It is never a time to initiate. "Whoever initiates loses"

     On average the planet Mars goes retrograde about once every twenty six months or roughly every two and a quarter years.  You might be thinking, “Oh jeez!  Not another retrograde?’ Coming off of the recent Venus Retrograde (December 21st, –January 31st) that was followed by yet another Mercury retrograde (February 1st-February 28Th) do we really need a Mars retrograde right now?  We have been in the throes of this astrological trifecta since late 2013. It has definitely slowed things down a bit for most of us which in fact can be a good thing because it allowed us time to reevaluate decisions about love, money, fashion, investments, contracts, electrical equipment, and travels even if there were some headaches involved during the process. Now Mars, the planet of aggression is due to go retrograde from March 1st to May 19th. So what does that mean for you?

     Mars is the planet associated with assertiveness, aggression, determination, and action. It is also closely associated with sexuality - not the love and romance aspect of sex, but rather the basic instincts and raw passion.  It is often not a good time to start any aggressive action and the initiator usually winds up disappointed when Mars finally goes direct. New sexual relationships initiated at this time commonly lose steam and desires appear to flat-line sooner than later.  Take my advice as an astrologer-don’t be too quick to start a new physical relationship because it will become complicated especially since Mars is retrograding through the sign of Libra and the energy  is less easy to direct when in the sign of its detriment which just so happens to be Libra.

     When Mars is retrograde, it depletes vitality and he who initiates usually loses.  New project started at this time , sexual relationships, picking a fight, filing a lawsuit, or even prompting an international war at this time produce undesired outcomes. New projects started now will fizzle out and never really go anywhere. Hot romances have a “quick burn” and rarely make it to commitment.  If you start an argument, pick a fight or act aggressively your actions will come back to haunt you at a later date. In legal matters, maneuver your opponent into initiating the lawsuit first because it will be a given that they will lose. Matters commenced while Mars is retrograde will be frustrated and plagued with disruptions until they finally burn out. 

     You will find that during a Mars retrograde people become irritated more easily and freak out when activities do not run smoothly. Watch out for the outward manifestation of inner anger during a Mars retrograde– like getting a traffic ticket when you feel pissed at someone or getting accidently cut, burned or scratched when you feel that others are up against you. 

     During this cycle, never buy anything mechanical unless you want problems down the road.  Mercury retrograde affects electrical things but Mars retrograde has to do with machinery, motors and power tools. These things easily break down. Mars in retrograde is an unfavorable time to buy a car; it may have mechanical problems. During a Mars retrograde be advised that accidents are more common due to not only mechanical failure but also hastily made decisions-like running a traffic sign or passing a motorist on the road without checking the other lane of traffic. 

     Surgeons are also associated with Mars, and the retrograde is considered a poor time for elective surgery. Mars rules surgeons and it’s believed that when Mars is retrograde, it can cause surgeons to not be at their best.  Some say Mars retrograde can cause surgeons to have a shaky hand & a foggy mind. When Mars is in retrograde the outcome won't be what was desired.

     Since Mars rules people who work with sharp objects, it also isn’t a good time to find a new hairstylist during a Mars retrograde. Mars also rules the military, men and women in uniform such as police and firemen, weapons, fires, and in general, aggressive people.  Mars retrograde in Libra is also going to bring out a mean side in some people and those in uniform especially law enforcement, need to use extra caution when dealing with perpetrators of the law.

     During this Mars retrograde period the lesson is to harness and wisely steer the energy within and carefully choose your battles.  Do you really want to start a new project at this time?  Did you resolve all past relationship issues before embarking on a new physical relationship that you hope will work out?  Reflect and acknowledge that there are many personal battles to be won, and many internal conflicts to be reconciled before aggressively projecting your own energy onto someone or something else.  Haste makes waste.  During a Mars retrograde we feel pressure to create a result and we get too hung up on time frames and deadlines. This often makes us feel forced to act on something before conditions are ripe for a good outcome. Slow down and reassess your objective because you can usually determine that there is a critical flaw in your plans.

     Mars retrograde offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the deeper dynamics and issues that trigger intense reactions in you and to see who or what really knows how to “push your buttons.”   It is a wise person who learns to extinguish personal fires with grace instead of aggression.  Keep in mind that this Mars retrograde happens in the sign of Libra where balance, fairness, and diplomacy rule.  In other words, “Don’t fart in church”.  Behave yourself and control your impulsive actions because you will be seen as the “stinker” at the end of the day.

     So what can you personally expect during this Mars retrograde?  If you know your rising sign make sure that you read it in addition to reading your Sun sign:

Aries:  Mars is your natural ruler and the retrograde takes place in your seventh house of relationships, friends, "frenemies", and legal matters. Avoid power struggles and initiating legal matters at this time.  It is not the best time to get married or elope.
Taurus:  Mars will be doing backflips in your sixth house so it is a good time to take stock of your health and notice where you are lacking vitality.  A slowdown in your day to day activities will give you a chance to recover from any excess stress but don’t wait until Mars forces you to slow down through some sort of mishap or accident.

Gemini: You may find that an old lover wants to return but weigh in on the accompanying aggravation.  Is he or she really worth the effort?  You may be feeling a little blocked creatively and decisions regarding children may crop up.  Over doing pleasurable things will surely leave you with a “hang over of some kind or another.’ Slow down and relax.

Cancer:  You may want to restructure your living quarters at this time but be on top of things when dealing with contractors. Be careful when cooking so you don’t get cut or burned while in a haste to fix a meal.  Family member may expect a lot from you at this time and you risk feeling run down if you try to accommodate everyone. Real estate matters may cause some upset.

Leo:  Mars hits your third house of communication and you may think that there has been unfair gossip about you leading you to feel agitated and ready to roar. It's a good time to restructure how information flows in and out of your life. Even casual conversations can become charged so consider the consequences before you shoot the messenger. Texting and emails may get snarled during this retrograde so double check who you wish the recipient to be in order to avoid messages to the wrong person.

Virgo:  Money usually has a way of causing as much aggravation as pleasure and this may be the case for you especially since this Mars retrograde will hit during tax time. You may have some conflicts with a partner, banker, or broker when it comes to finances so have a sharp eye in order to catch any mathematical errors on important documents.  Hold off on investing in anything that you expect to hold value because it is likely that you will feel ripped-off when it comes to purchases you made during the Mars retrograde.

Libra:  You may take a strong stand now and shock those who thought that they had you all figured out.  Careful, because this is the time that Mars may trigger long held resentments that you feel toward someone or something causing you to lash out and be combative.  You usual calm demeanor can have its switch flipped while Mars retrogrades through your first house of the “self,” Chill out!

Scorpio:  You will definitely get a feel for who is working behind the scenes to screw you over.  A backstabbing enemy may be revealed and their plans for a coup d'état may even backfire.  Your intuition may be a little clouded during this time so don’t believe your own fears that cause you to anticipate the worst outcome.  Use this Mars retrograde to reflect on your own inner anger so it doesn’t manifest as a physical condition or circumstance in the three dimensional world. 

Sagittarius:  The spotlight is on your social life and you may see how your actions are influencing those around you. Resist the urge to be too aggressive or argumentative with friends and resist being too pushy at this time because the initiator is the “loser” during a Mars retrograde. Assess your group associations and see if they are still the right fit for you.  Take your time when starting new relationships and quell your desire to see immediate results especially with matters of the heart.

Capricorn: Mars retrograde may make you feel impatient and frustrated if something should delay your plans for success. Facing endless obstacles may make it seem as though you will never reach your goal with work related projects. Careful with your reputation because the Mars retrograde may bring a nemesis back into your life who would like to upset your status quo.  Groups may be a source of aggravation so limit your social circle to avoid any unwanted confrontations.

Aquarius:  You may find that you have no patients for people who are overly materialistic since you may be reevaluating your own spiritual values.  You may not seem as adventurous as usual. Be careful so unexpressed anger doesn’t turn inward and come across as depression.  You may feel like you don’t know what to believe anymore but this too shall pass. This is a good time to focus on where you want to be professionally and logistically so review other options but don’t move yet! Reflect.

Pisces:  Avoid power games that resurface in relationships. Conflicting needs or desires can cause a struggle and make it hard to understand exactly what or who you want. Unearthing the truth concerning intimate relationships or experiencing aggravation with financial matters may keep you on a short fuse over the next few months.  Thoughts about the afterlife, death, the occult, paranormal happenings, and transformative experiences may occupy your interests.  Avoid arguments about sex and money that will only serve to keep you off track resulting in an unfocused attitude toward the things that you need to do.

     There is a pre shadow phase to Mars that began on December 7th 2013 prior to its retrograde on March 1st 2014.  The post shadow phase will last from May 20th to July 26th, 2014.  Generally this Mars retrograde will be squaring off with Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn while opposing Uranus in fiery Aries. Translation: The truth will be forced out no matter how an argument goes down and it is best to avoid bullies, unsavory people, places and things.  Accidents are common due to rash decisions and unusual types may stir up some havoc.  Look to the house in your chart ruled by Libra to see where Mars will cause some upheaval and issues.

     Once this Mars retrograde is over we have a breather until the next one which will occur April 17, 2016.  



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