Currently we are about to enter a very auspicious time… a time when the astral energies are extremely potent-The Grand Cardinal Cross of mid April 2014, along with two eclipses. This is a time that can bring about a great change and change in itself, if handled in a proper manner, can be constructive rather than destructive.

    The signs most affected are the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, especially if you have 10 to 14 degrees of the cardinal signs as  featured in your natal chart since it is vitally important for you to be mindful of the potential energy packed into this configuration.

     The influence of a Jupiter in Cancer/Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn-square that covers 10 to 14 degrees of the Cardinal signs has been holding for a while but by mid-month, Retrograde Mars will join the mix.  The Cross will be exact from April 22nd-23rd (at 13 degrees), but will be in effect from April 14th, with input from the Moon in Libra and Mercury in Aries

     There’s a Full Moon Lunar eclipse on April 15th (at 25 degrees Libra) with a Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Aries that will be squaring Pluto and also a New Moon Solar eclipse on April 29th (at 8 degrees Taurus)-Translation:  You can expect a lot of quick, unexpected changes including everything from volcanos, strange weather, pre-war tensions, arguments, and explosive situations. You may have been feeling this build up over the past few weeks.

     Transiting Pluto and Mars will be retrograde, so look to see what house of your astrological chart they are going through so you can get an idea of where you will experience your transformative changes. Pluto brings everything through the “meat grinder” and Mars will show where the action, aggravation, and aggression take place.

     Uranus and Jupiter will be direct during the active energies of the Grand Cardinal Cross so the areas of your chart they are moving through will be influenced according to the nature of these two planets. Look to where Jupiter is transiting your natal chart because that is where things will happen in a big way.  Jupiter also brings helpful friends and allies. Uranus is a “wild card” since it rules surprises and all things unexpected.

     The tension of the cross will create havoc for some and motivation for others. Practically everyone will experience changes mid-April or bear witness to some incredible events.

     Let’s take a look at each sign’s ride through this month and if you know your rising sign be sure to read it in addition to your Sun Sign.

Aries ~ You may be surprised by the actions of a partner (marriage, business, or even close friends) who may pull the rug out from under you. Your home life and career may be the stakes for the choices you make and how you handle this temporary but tight energy.

Taurus ~ You really don’t take too well to change, especially if you don’t have time to think things through.  The energy of this Grand Cardinal Cross along with a cap off from an eclipse in your sign may being an unexpected reunion with people you would have preferred to leave in the past. Expect a lot of communication with “out-law” in-laws, the courts, or foreigners.  Philosophical differences may cause a standoff.

Gemini ~ Careful with money matters. You are anticipating making some big changes in your life but slow down.  Over spending on guilty pleasures and children may put you in the “red.” Watch your belongings if you are around large groups, crowds, or on vacation.  Take care of debts and taxes. Unprotected sex may bring a surprise.

Cancer ~Don’t let domestic situations get the best of you.  Mars is rolling through your fourth house so tensions or aggravation may permeate whether it is with those you live with or possibly problematic appliances and unexpected home repairs.  Keep an eye on anything that may over heat and check cords and wires to be certain that everything is up to par.  A change in a friendship or partnership may redefine your status-married to unmarried, single to spoken for, partnerships to sole proprietorships.

Leo ~A lot of what is going on behind the scenes may shock you.  You may get a glimpse of some hidden text messages, emails, or contracts that have to do with your day to day activities and work. Watch your health because you have a lot on your mind that may bring on mental pressure that may ultimately lower your resistance.  Long distant trips may hold unexpected events.

Virgo ~You win some you lose some when it comes to love and money. Big changes in the romantic arena are in store for you.  A group of some sort may be where your next adventure begins when it comes to relationships. An unexpected expense may ruin your monthly money spread sheet but suck it in and don’t dwell on the problem.  Find the solution instead.

Libra ~You certainly have found out who your friends are and surprises never seem to cease especially with a partner.  Sometimes they do things just to see how you will react.  Changing your home or decor may be on your bucket list as well as making some strategic career moves.  Before you lock horns with someone consider the consequences-a friendship may permanently end or become excruciatingly uncomfortable.

Scorpio ~ You have a way of digging up all the information and dirt that you need to make your point.  Communicate carefully or you may risk being isolated from higher ups who sit on the perch. Foreign people and places may be a cause of some concern during this tight energy cross from the planets.  Watch your back at work.

Sagittarius ~Your values are changing and you may decide that you need a new group of friends who are more “liked minded.’  An unexpected admirer may come forward but don’t rush the physical until you have the mental back up well in order.  Arguments over what starts out to be a trivial matter may turn into an explosive situation as we reach mid-month.

Capricorn ~Lots of changes on the work front may position you for a reinvention or redefinition of what your daily duties are on a large scale.  Your home life is littered with all kinds of little unexpected visits, disturbances, and maybe a repair or two.  A resourceful friend helps you keep on track when you have to take care of a touchy situation that has your reputation and status on the tip of some nasty person’s spear.

Aquarius ~Your dreams may be so lucid that you feel as if you were astral traveling.  Any desire to move or revamp a living situation may happen sooner than you think.  An offer or opportunity can come your way but it may mean a relocation for you to think about as well as a career change. Cars and computers may unexpectedly need attention as well as your health. Go at a slower pace especially between April 21 to 24l. Don't rush!

Pisces ~ Surprises with money are nothing new for you.  You seem to go up and down with the currents where finances are concerned.  Take your time with a project because being overly enthusiastic may cause you to miss some key marks in making it shine.  Call in old debts.  You have a tendency to let money matters slide and now is not the time to put things off since it is much wiser to pay things off.

     On a grand scale the recent world news concerning the enigma of the missing Malaysian flight, 370, may take a turn with some surprising news that surfaces about what really happened.  This is not a good time for coups of any kind.  The initiator of any antagonistic action will pay a hefty price when the energies of Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars converge to form a Grand Cardinal Cross.  In your personal life, keep peace and carry a big stick just in case you need it.



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