Astrological Influence on the Chakras:First Series, The Root Chakra

    Did you ever have one of those days where you just couldn’t seem to get it together?  The problem could be rooted in your subtle body energy system better known as the Chakra Centers.  You might be surprised to know how many people don’t even know what a Chakra is or how they work.  The Eastern cultures have been quite aware of these subtle body energy centers and it seems that the Western cultures are now beginning to catch up with an understanding of our vital life centers, the Chakras.

   Our experiences and existence in the physical world are plugged into the energy field of the Cosmos.  We embody the energy of our emotions, mental mind, and spiritual or karmic memories.  Your personal astrological chart influences how you process the energy from the Chakras, your mystical life force centers.  Each Chakra relates to an astrological sign and planet.  This will be the first in a series of how to capture the energy specific to each Chakra based upon your own unique astrological chart.

   Starting with the Root Chakra, located at the base of your spine, you will see how you can optimize this vital energy center and get yourself grounded.  The root is the place where the power is and if this center is blocked it will inhibit the energy flow to all of the other Chakra centers. The Root Chakra is the Chakra of empowerment. 

   The parts of the body associated with the Root Chakra are: the Lymph system, skeleton system (teeth and bones), the prostate gland in men, the sacral plexus, the bladder and elimination system, and the lower extremities (legs - feet, ankles, etc.). It is also related to the nose, since it is the organ of the sense of smell, and associated with survival. It presides over our psychic sense of smell too which we call Calescence. This form of extra-sensory perception enables you to smell energy or gain psychic knowledge through the physical sense of smell. 

   The Endocrine glands related to this center are the Adrenal glands that give us the fight or flight sensation. When your Root Chakra is off kilter you may become fearful, feel disempowered, and in a sense, distracted and unable to clearly focus on the daily ups and downs of life.

  On the level of consciousness the feelings of security, survival, trust, and your relationship with the material world are all rooted in this primal center. It reflects how you feel about being on the earth and your connection with the physical body.

   The Root Chakra is ruled by the planet Saturn and associated with earth and structure. The astrological sign linked with this cosmic spark plug is the sign of Capricorn. Now, look at your astrological chart and see what house cusp the sign of Capricorn rest on or if you have intercepted houses, look to where you find the sign of Capricorn because this is your clue to where you feel the most rooted. When you become unglued at the root it is most likely associated with an issue concerning your personal base of security. You can get a free astrological chart at:  to see just where Capricorn resides in your birth chart.
Capricorn on the cusp:

First house shows that you feel grounded based upon how others see you. You are concerned with discipline and a systematic life. 

Second house shows that you relate to the material world and money and any hiccup in financial security really throws you off base.

Third house shows how relationships to siblings and early schooling impacts the way you express yourself as you grow into adult hood.  It is important for you to be understood. You are mentally driven.

Fourth house relates to home and family.  You need to be assured on the security of old age. Home life has to be in order for you to thrive.

Fifth house warrants that all relationships stay away from casual expressions of sex and there is a disciplined attitude toward rearing children. Chancy situations concerning gambling with love or money don’t fare well for you.

Sixth house shows how your daily work and service to others plays an important part in how you feel about yourself.

Seventh house relates to committed partnerships and a cautious approach toward marriage. Stability in these areas is important for your overall grounding.

Eighth house means you have to earn your fair share in any sort of partnership or you feel unfulfilled.  You don’t like to feel that you need others to financially carry you.

Ninth house shows that you want to feel connected to spirituality and seek the deeper philosophies of life. 

Tenth house shows how you have the need to reach recognition professionally and socially.  You feel most grounded when you have made your mark in life.

Eleventh house means that being part of the group is important to you. Your hopes and wishes are dominated by a desire for security, you choose stable, conservative, and established people as friends.

Twelfth house shows how you have a need for inner structure. You have to overcome feelings of limitations and learn to trust your intuitive instincts.

    OK.  Now you see where you have your grounding roots astrologically planted and where you draw your energy.  Next we will see how the planet, Saturn, determines how to best work with your cosmic forces. Look at your birth chart and see what sign Saturn was in at your birth.  This is how you express your energy related to your Root Chakra.

Saturn in Aries: You desire to do things quickly and become impatient if you have to wait. You must develop a sense of trust that things will unfold in divine order. Your main issue is TRUST.

Saturn in Taurus: You may feel that you cannot accept personal wealth (perhaps think it's being greedy). You may be overly generous because you feel guilty or ashamed of owning things or appearing selfish.  Your main issue is GUILT.

Saturn in Gemini: You seek control in a versatile and variable manner in your thinking and reasoning. You must watch your tendency to structure your thinking too factually. Allow your intuition to chime in so you don’t restrict natural communication. Your main issue is INSECURITY.

Saturn in Cancer: You are restricted somewhat by your past. You may feel guilty about the past or your family. You must not allow yourself to get stuck in the “what was’ and focus more on the here and now-the moment. Your main issue is a LACK OF SECURITY.

Saturn in Leo: You have to be conscious of the need to make every situation dramatic. Work on self-approval and don’t be deterred by what others think about you. Your main issue is LOW SELF ESTEEM.

Saturn in Virgo: You have to ease up on criticism. You feel guilty when you don't have anything to do, or when you do not follow routines. Watch a tendency to judge others by your own standards. Your main issue is HYPERACTIVITY

Saturn in Libra: You have to learn to rely on yourself for your own happiness. The need for a partnership sometimes interferes with how you express your own personality. Your main issue is INSTABILITY.

Saturn in Scorpio: Your energy is experienced intensely from deep hidden psychological or psychic sources. You have deep running passions and intense feelings that exert powerful forces. You must be aware of the creative powers of thought manifestation. Your main issue is ANXIETY.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Your desire for freedom sometimes impedes your own boundaries for self-control. You must learn tolerance and respect for the opinions of others. Your main issue is DISCONNECTION.

Saturn in Capricorn: You work had in a procedural and planned way to seek your goals. You have to learn to be open to the unexpected so you don’t block your energy. You may feel frustrated if things aren't moving as fast as you would like. Don’t block your emotions in an attempt for the utmost self-control. Your main issue is DEPRESSION.

Saturn in Aquarius: You have an unconventional way of structuring your own life and there may be a tendency to become eccentric if you forget that  you are a spirit functioning in the material world. Your main issue is a FEELING OF NOT BELONGING.

Saturn in Pisces: You have to watch that you don’t become self-sacrificing in order to please others. You are extremely intuitive and have to learn how to organize your own thoughts and feelings or you risk experiencing psychic burnout. Your main issue is WORRY.

   Here is an example of how to determine your Root Chakra grounding energy.  Say for example that you have Capricorn on the fourth house cusp and Saturn in Scorpio.  You would determine that you feel most grounded when everything at home base is going smoothly. Any home upsets really rock your world and then your Saturn energy funnels through your Root Chakra and intensifies the problems because of the way you passionately dwell on what may be the dilemma.  You should be aware of the creative manifestations of your Saturn energy and learn to work with it in order to transform any pitfalls and problems into viable solutions.  Home and family is your Achilles heel more so than any other area of your life. To avoid anxiety focus on solutions instead of problems.  This helps ground out your energy.

    Knowing where your essential root energy resides helps you determine your designated life path and resolve any past karma.  We all have a Root Chakra and we all have a unique journey through this incarnation.  What personally rocks your boat may be different than what short circuits out someone else's energetic spark plugs.  Keep in mind that what lies at the root eventually filters through to all of your other Chakra energy zones.

   I always recommend Reiki as a starting tune up for what ails your energy system and an energy worker can suggest gems, aromatherapy, and other holistic therapies to keep you in tune with the Cosmic forces of life. 

   Stay tuned for more on this Chakra series.



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