Astrological Influence on the Chakras:Second Series, The Sacral Chakra

   The Sacral Chakra is our pleasure zone.  It is where we harbor our creative instincts, and energetically connect into the motherboard of pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and emotional connection.  It is located in the lower abdominal area at the sacrum, which is the densest bone in the spinal column. 

   This chakra is responsible for and related to the reproductive and sexual functions of the body, and the emotional issues of security and empowerment. An out of balance Sacral Chakra may present itself emotionally as having issues with sexual promiscuity, emotional defensiveness, chronic depression, addictions, and the in-ability to receive or give joy and love.  A healthy Sacral Chakra helps empower you to live and love with healthy boundaries, not giving away your personal power. When balanced you have the ability to experience pleasure, accept change and be creative.

    This chakra, like the other chakras, connects into the different subtle layers of our aura and is easily triggered by repressed past life memories, current environmental conditions, and the interaction with other people on a physical and emotional level.  When this chakra is not spinning properly control issues, sexual hang-ups, and emotional drama are usually the result. This chakra is also associated with your attachments and any addictions you may have, and yes….we often become addicted to other people, emotional drama, and food as well as alcohol and drugs.  

  The psychic sense that is connected to the second chakra is clairgustation, or psychic taste. This pertains to your basic tastes, proclivities, likes and dislikes. Is life sweet, or are you “bitter” about things? If something “left a bad taste in your mouth,” chances are it was a negative situation that left a negative energy imprint behind. 
   The glands of the body associated with this vital energy center are: Prostate, gonads, ovaries, and testicles.  This Chakra  can really get its ass kicked especially from the physical, sexual aspects of relationships.  Fleeting physical affairs that happen while you are still involved in a relationship often cause  guilt and guilt is a major energy blocker. This Chakra center is all about creation, and our creative forces.  When you are feeling blocked and can’t seem to come up with any ideas it is usually this chakra center that is not functioning at its best level.

    Physical problems may manifest if you are not working with the energy of this Chakra.  Problems such as Cystitis, Endometriosis, Fertility issues, Miscarriages, Fibroids, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Kidney complaints, Menstrual Problems, Muscle Cramps/ Spasms, Ovarian Cysts, Pre-menstrual Syndrome, Prostates Disease, Testicular Disease, and Impotency are all possible.

   The emotional dysfunctions which can occur because of an out of balance Sacral Chakra are guilt, distrust, impatience, and feelings of being victimized. Detaching from oneself and going out of body, depression, denying your own needs, blaming others, rejecting femininity or masculinity and an inability to creatively visualize your life are all signs that you need to re-boot this Chakra.

    As I explained in the September 2014 blog which is part one of this series, if you learn to work with the planetary energy of the Chakra centers and apply it to your own personal astrological birth chart  you can more effectively embody the energy of your emotions, mental mind, and spiritual or karmic memories.  Your personal astrological chart influences how you process the energy from the Chakras, your mystical life force centers.

   The Sacra Chakra is ruled by the planet Jupiter and associated with faith, beliefs, the things we like and the friends we make. Concerning relationships, the quality of true friendship is a stronger cornerstone than sheer physical attraction.  Infatuation with the physical aspects of someone soon wears off while bonds of deep friendship are more enduring.  Jupiter is optimistic and when we are in an optimistic frame of mind our ability to creatively visualize and magickally manifest what we desire becomes much stronger.

     The astrological sign linked with this cosmic spark plug is the sign of Sagittarius. Now, look at your astrological chart and see what house cusp the sign of Sagittarius rest on or if you have intercepted houses, look to where you find the sign of Sagittarius  because this is your clue to where you find your luck, good fortune, philosophies about life, creative inspirations, faith in your undertakings and deepest friendships. This is where you find your desires to create art, inventions, children, and  your future visions. 

    You can get a free astrological chart at:  to see just where Sagittarius resides on your personal birth wheel.

Sagittarius on the cusp:
First house you project yourself with optimism. Even though you appear to be friendly, interested, and jovial you have a tendency to take things for granted and to think solely in terms of your own satisfaction. This can disrupt this Chakra center. Be aware of the urge to influence other people to subscribe to a system of thinking that is geared to providing you with all the advantages because this upsets the natural balance of this Chakra.  Keep your plans inclusive and beneficial to all involved.

Second house you are usually lucky with money and creating new ways to increase your income. Physical relationships have to be monitored because there may be a tendency to “love ‘em and leave ‘em” after the sensual, physical encounter is over. You need a lot of physical touch to feel connected.

Third house shows how relationships to siblings impacts the way you express yourself as you grow into adult hood.  You may be overly generous in order to secure relationships. Staying in one place too long can make you edgy.  There is a need for deep communication of the philosophical level in order to feel comfortable in physical relationships.

Fourth house relates to home and family. You enjoy large families and you may have a desire to have many children or lots of visitors to your home.  You are at your most creative when everything is going well on the home front. A lot of unresolved issues with the stronger of your parental influences may overlap into personal relationships. Be cautious of not letting your inner child take over personal relationships.

Fifth house suggests that you don’t just have recreational sex because it gambles with your ability to find true love.  Overindulgence can lead to weight gain and addictions.  You inner visions and creativity flourish when you keep a balance between pleasure and deep passions.  Any excess throws this Chakra off.

Sixth house shows how you have the desire to help others.  Your optimistic attitude keeps the drudgery out of routine tasks. You are inspired when you have a game plan rather than a free fall into life’s circumstances. 

Seventh house relates to committed partnerships and you are at your best when you honor your partner and maintain a balance in your friendships. You need to be conscious of not letting others interfere with your exclusive relationship.  Flings and indiscriminate associations can cause havoc if you are not conscious of the aftermath caused by brief, physical attractions.

Eighth house means you have to find the truth in sexual encounters.  You need the deeper meaning of relationships to surface in order to feel fulfilled.  Many of your relationships are strong past life connections. You desire to create unbreakable bonds but need to watch control issues which can rob you of having fulfilling relationships.

Ninth house insists that similar philosophies, beliefs, and deep faith be present in order to feel the creativity of this Chakra.  Your taste for life is best suited to the exotic and foreign. The higher mind needs to be satisfied before the physical act. You seek soul mates.

Tenth house shows that you like to be considered a visionary and teacher. You get your creative juices running at optimum speed when you help others find their way.  Public opinion is important to you and influences your outlook on life.

Eleventh house means that being part of the group is important to you. You like to be around people who inspire you to greater accomplishments. People with this cusp overlay usually have numerous friends. You join many large organizations which help you to expand personally. You like to create in groups.

Twelfth house shows how you have a need for a deep mystical, spiritual connection. Your undoing may come as a result of lofty aspirations which you are unable to fulfill in your present circumstances. You must learn to constantly tweak your envisioned life in order to manifest your desired results.  You have to do the work if relationships and projects are to nicely turn out for you.

        OK.  Now you see where you have your taste for life, creative inspiration, and physical desires astrologically planted so now you can be aware of how you draw your energy.  Next we will see how the planet, Jupiter, determines how to best work with your cosmic forces. Look at your birth chart and see what sign Jupiter was in at your birth.  This is how you express your energy related to your Sacral Chakra.

Jupiter in Aries: You feel good when you take the lead. You like physical activity and desire quick results. You put a lot of energy into your creative work but sometimes abandon your projects if something better comes along.Your main issue is BOREDOM.

Jupiter in Taurus: You are greatly influenced by physical beauty. The material gains of relationships and inspired creations are too often kept in the material realm. You have to look deeper into the soul and energy of what you create for yourself. Your main issue is SELF GRATIFICATION.

Jupiter in Gemini: You quickly get into things without seeing the big picture. Sometimes you have to backtrack in order to refine your relationships and creations.. Your main issue is IMPATIENCE.

Jupiter in Cancer: You are tied to tradition and are urged to think outside of the box. Unsubstantiated fears can cause you to be too passive and bring you into victim consciousness. Be careful not to overindulge in food, drink, or sex when you are feeling low. Your main issue is being OVER EMOTIONAL.

JUPITER in Leo: You like to be liked and you may find that you go overboard when you are trying to impress others.  Your generous nature may incline you to give with one hand but take back with the other if your actions are not equally reciprocated.  You love art, drama, and elegance. You have to be conscious of not boasting solely about yourself. Your main issue is PRIDE.

Jupiter in Virgo: You are analytical and critical. Paying too much attention to details can make relationships and creative endeavors seem dry. You often miss the big picture.  You shoulder a lot of the responsibility when things don’t go as planned.  Your biggest issue is GUILT.

Jupiter in Libra: You seek to understand interpersonal relationships, partnerships and harmony between people. You are thoughtful and often take a while to respond because you need to weigh up the pros and cons first. You bring balance and harmony to others but your own life may be less balanced. Your biggest issue is INDECISION

Jupiter in Scorpio: You delve into areas of secrecy. This means you may be prone to magick or manipulation to get what you desire. You can be driven by powerful hidden motives or even by such emotions as revenge. You may intuitively know what is going on. Your creative juices are influenced by your deep physical encounters. Your biggest issue is MANIPULATION

Jupiter in Sagittarius: You are overly optimistic about your encounters and sometimes jump the gun by assuming that things will go smoothly.  There is a need for freedom in relationships and your creative abilities.  You believe in your own truth while discounting the beliefs of others. Your biggest issue is being JUDGEMENTAL

Jupiter in Capricorn: You are prudent and reserved in relationships. Your creative energies are handicapped when you seek only monetary value as a sign of your worth. Pleasure is measured out and partners may sometimes think you are cold and unfeeling. You believe in loyalty and make others work to earn your trust. Your main issue is APATHY

Jupiter in Aquarius: You feel most secure and confident when you are rebelling, doing something unconventional, or inventing something. You have a strong dislike for rules. You are a good friend, and may enjoy the company of friends more than your own partner. Your creative juices flow when you are being different. Your main issue is DETATCHMENT

Jupiter in Pisces: You have mystical experiences and physical relationships excite your creative urges. You are adaptable and sympathetic to the needs of others to the point of losing your own boundaries. A tendency to get lost in daydreams keeps your best laid plans from materializing. You escape through your imagination and in rough times alcohol, drugs, and dysfunctional relationships serve as your comfort zone. Your main issue is CO-DEPENDENCY

   Here is an example of how to determine your Sacral Chakra sexual/creative energy.  Say for example that you have Sagittarius on the second house cusp and Jupiter in Cancer.  You would determine that you feel most creative and playful when your finances are healthy and you are in a very sensual relationship. You have to be mindful and allow relationships to progress beyond the initial infatuation.  You may have a fear of being committed to a relationship even though deep down you crave security. You can’t have your cake and eat it too so there may be some comfort in overindulging food as a means to satisfy your needs. Your best course of action is to honor your fears and emotions and openly share your feelings with others. You respond to physical touch and a “Big Hug” provides a nice energy exchange when you need a boost to your confidence and creativity.

   Knowing how to work with the astrological and planetary energies of your Sacral Chakra can help you to have more meaningful physical relationships.  Inspiration and motivation for creation of your dreams, inventions, having children, and a pleasurable life are all incepted in the Sacral Chakra.  If relationships seem flat and you feel blocked creatively it is a signal to tune up this Chakra.

   Stay tuned for more on this chakra series.



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