Astrological Influence on the Chakras: Third Series, the Solar Plexus Chakra

     The SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA is located 2 inches above the navel. This chakra gives us our sense of “intuitive sight" as well as our creative imagination. It governs our physical body from the lower abdomen to the heart and also deals with our quantitative qualities of logic, reason, rationality, assimilation and opinion. When in balance it promotes being responsible and reliable. It promotes a feeling of confidence, and gives way to spontaneity and playfulness. When this chakra is in tune it livens up your sense of humor. You have the ability to meet challenges along with a feeling of peace, balance and inner harmony that displays as a warm personality.

     When overactive, this chakra's fiery nature can consume us with anger and violent rage, or manifest physically as dry skin rashes, irritability or a nasty personality. When this chakra is underactive we may feel depressed, lack passion, and have no desire or motivation to move forward and accomplish our goals. You may find it difficult to manifest your true purpose in life.

     On a psychological level, passive aggressive manipulation of others is often carried out in order to get one’s way along with playing victim. There is also a tendency to give your power away which results in low self-esteem or you may be easily manipulated, emotionally cold and have a tendency toward constantly blaming others. This chakra signals you through “gut” feelings which present as either an excited (good) feeling or as an uneasy (bad) feeling in the pit of your stomach.

    The Associated Emotion is shame since this chakra is where we feel our self-worth in relationship to the outside world.

     Emotional Attachments centered in this area usually have to do with people with whom you have had an emotional entanglement in the past whenever that may have been. Ancestral spirits, relatives, and even needy people. Invasion and energy leeching emotional vampires take place through this chakra. A 'stuck-open' solar plexus means you take on other people’s feelings easily. You may well receive intuitions through your solar plexus as you unconsciously read other people’s emotions. Being too empathic is also a sign of an attachment in this chakra.

          It is very interesting to know that the psychic sense associated with this chakra center is the psychic sense of insight or knowing. When this chakra is open and activated the range of psychic perception is phenomenal.  Just as the physical eye senses light and dark the psychic sense of insight recognizes light energy of a higher frequency and also the darker frequencies from the lower vibrations.   Basically we psychically sense and feel what is good and what is bad.  We sense or feel it in our gut.  Our physical body may respond by feeling chills or some other sensation that will relate to what we are now able to psychically sense, feel and even see in psychic visions.

     The psychic sense associated with this chakra is often referred to as clairsentience which in French means “clear feeling”.  Clairsentience and precognition both originate from your third chakra and work together to give you a panoramic perception or an extended extrasensory representation of what energy lies beyond the physical realm. You will be able to sense, feel and perceive events as if they were passing continuously before you.

         Health issues such as diabetes, hypoglycemia, gallstones, nervousness, low energy, muscle cramps, stomach problems, lumbar spine, and liver disorders can result if this chakra center isn’t properly tuned.

    As I explained in the September 2014 blog which is part one of this series, if you learn to work with the planetary energy of the chakra centers and apply it to your own personal astrological birth chart  you can more effectively embody the energy of your emotions, mental mind, and spiritual or karmic memories.  Your personal astrological chart influences how you process the energy from the chakras, your mystical life force centers.

   The Solar Plexus Chakra is ruled by the planet Mars. When this chakra is blocked Mars energy is negative within us and we try to dominate others. On a positive tip when we properly work with the energy of this planet the energy from Mars gives us courage and initiative.

    The astrological signs linked to this chakra are Aries and Scorpio since both of these signs share a Mars rulership.  Mars formerly ruled Scorpio until the discovery of Pluto but it is still considered a co-ruler of this sign.

    Now, look at your astrological chart and see what house cusp of the signs Aries and Scorpio rest in your chart. If you have intercepted houses, look to where you find the signs of Aries and Scorpio  because this is your clue to where you find your Aries driving, creative forces and from Scorpio, your intuition.\

    You can get a free astrological chart at: to see just where Aries resides on your personal birth wheel in order for you to understand how your self-confidence factors get going.  Look to the Scorpio cusp to see where and how your psychic perception works best for you.

Aries on the cusp: Drive and Ambition
First house You are dynamic, aggressive, and impatient when you are on the move with an idea or quest. You keep your Solar Plexus Chakra in balance by avoiding manipulation. 

Second house It is important that you not weigh the value of your work based only on the financial gain. You keep your Solar Plexus Chakra in tune by lessoning your attachments to the material world. 

Third house You have to overcome a tendency to be aggressive and argumentative concerning your own theories and ideas. Do not create tensions and instigate rivalry. 

Fourth house You have to be aware that holding on to firmly to the past will ultimately stifle your creative expression.  Family and children are important to you. Your Solar Plexus Chakra works best when you have good family relationships.

Fifth house You expend much energy in creative activity. In the realm of love and romance, you are passionate and aggressive. Your Solar Plexus functions at its best when you curb your tendency toward competitiveness and resist the urge to dominate relationships.

Sixth house You are efficient, powerful, and original in tackling tasks that would seem impossible to others. A well-functioning Solar Plexus Chakra helps you accomplish things more efficiently. Watch a tendency to be somewhat bossy to subordinates and co-workers.

Seventh house You can be aggressive in order to gain the cooperation and attention of others. You have the power to motivate other people into action without their being aware of it. Your Solar Plexus needs balance in all areas of your life in order to function properly.

Eighth house Your pattern is to initiate projects as well to complete those other people have begun. You have to develop a stronger feeling of trust in order to keep your Solar Plexus intact. 

Ninth house You instinctively “know” that all things originate in the Eternal. As a result of your visionary thought, your creativity is often expressed dramatically. You don’t want to be suppressed by traditional dogma.

Tenth house You have to be aware that impulsive moves don’t harm your reputation. You are a mover and a shaker who likes to take risks.  Your Solar Plexus can be thrown off balance should there be any disparaging remarks against you. 

Eleventh house You make an effort to make new friends. You like to organize groups and projects. Your Solar Plexus responds to the excitement of expressing new ideas and fulfilling hopes and wishes.

Twelfth house Impulsiveness and headstrong actions can be the cause of your undoing, although courage and decisiveness are your hidden support. Your Solar Plexus stays in balance when you avoid secretly initiating new activities in order to elude competitors. 

Scorpio on the cusp: Intuition

First house intuitively your first impression is usually right so don’t second guess yourself.

Second house. Your intuition works best when you look beyond what you see and discern your feelings based on the flow of energy.

Third house You Solar Plexus functions better if you allow the intellect to work more freely with your natural intuition because this allows you to be more creative and open up new avenues of expression and application.

Fourth house You have a natural intuition especially with those closest to you.

Fifth house Your intuition is on fire when you are in a relaxed and playful mood.

Sixth house Your intuition runs at top notch when you stop second guessing yourself and anguishing over details.

Seventh house. Intuition comes alive when you have peaceful surroundings.

Eighth house You intuitively read the energy of others but you must learn to be less judgmental in favor of being more discerning.  You can sense the “dark” side in others.

Ninth house Intuitively you connect with angels and guides.

Tenth house Intuition is heightened when you reach beyond the Ego.

Eleventh house You intuitively know what keeps people together or apart. You can tap into groups.

Twelfth house Your intuition works best when you drop your suspicions of others and go with the natural flow of energy.

   Next we will see how the planet, Mars, determines how to best work with your cosmic forces. Look at your birth chart and see what sign Mars was in at your birth.  This is how you express your energy related to your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Mars in Aries: You are not afraid to stick up for yourself or for others. You have a bold me-first attitude. You follow your own agenda. You are impulsive but have a tendency to run out of steam. So if you do not attain your goals quickly, then you go on and do something else. Your main issue is IMPULSIVENESS.

Mars in Taurus: You are persistent, when you get going and on the negative side, you can hold a grudge. You are protective of what is yours and you can be a strong defender, if you perceive a threat. You may be jealous. While you are assertive, you do take a while to get into action. Your main issue is POSSESSIVENESS.

Mars in Gemini: You are a quick communicator, and sometimes might wonder why you said what you said. You can be cutting in your communications or even sarcastic. You have a lot of energy and might flit around all the time doing different things. Your main issue is FLUXUATION.

Mars in Cancer: You instinctively assert yourself in situations when the family or base may be threatened. You are instinctive rather than thoughtful. Your feelings can build up inside and sometimes they burst out. You do not quickly forget upsets. You have a tendency to be hampered by emotions and feelings. Your main issue is SENSITIVITY.

Mars in Leo: You have an impressive appearance and might sometimes appear aggressive. You have a very strong will and you are in pursuing your goals. You care what others think of you and you could show off sometimes. You are generous, extravagant and may be impulsive. Your main issue is BOASTFULNESS.

Mars in Virgo: You assert yourself by being analytical and defending yourself through dissecting what others say. You may be critical and sarcastic at times. You have an interest in health and service along with being a hard worker. Your main issue is CRITICISM.

Mars in Libra: You tend to bring about harmony by flitting from one side of a conflict to the other and fighting on the side that is suffering injustice at the moment. You also have a tendency to take the side in a conflict just because another has taken the other side. You tend to show your affection through arguing with the other person. You may enjoy seeking out conflicts and then trying to bring about justice and balance through fighting for the underdog. Your main issue is INDECIVINESS.

Mars in Scorpio: You may have an almost magnetic way of relating to others and have the ability to delve deeply into the other person exposing his or her secret or hidden weakness. People may feel uncomfortable in front of your all-knowing gaze. You are extremely powerful in dealing with others and have a detective's manner, making others feel guilty. You are extremely persistent in what you do and you are likely to be quick in taking action. Your main issue is RUTHLESSNESS.

Mars in Sagittarius: You assert yourself freely and tolerantly, that is, you say what you think and do what you feel. You like to talk and discuss things. You do things because you want to do them, rather than for others. You have a great deal of energy for doing what you want but soon become tired when doing what you have to do. Your main issue is BEING RELIABLE.

Mars in Capricorn: You are extremely energetic, and can keep going even when others have given up. You are a great organizer, ambitious and a disciplinarian to yourself or to others. You are a workaholic. You are ambitious, but realistic and follow methods that are tried and true. You are very enterprising but you start new enterprises with prudence and reserve, rather than impulsively. Your main issue is PRAGMATISM.

Mars in Aquarius: You are assertive intellectually in ways that can be completely unexpected. You are, however persistent with a new idea and will stick to it and follow it through. You have great energy in intellectual ways. You can be impulsive. You may tend to go your own way in areas which are not socially acceptable and pay no heed to what others might say or think. Your main issue is INDIFFERENCE.

Mars in Pisces: You tend to be pulled in opposite directions so you find it difficult to follow a personal goal. You have a great deal of energy to fuel the imagination and you may be psychic. While you find it difficult to pursue personal goals, you can follow group goals, or religious goals. You tend to be motivated to do things by outside influences or transcendent forces rather than for yourself. Your main issue is VULNERABILITY.

     Here is an example of how to determine your Solar Plexus Chakra’s gut feeling of intuition.  Say for example that you have Aries on the first house cusp, Scorpio on the eighth house cusp and Mars in Leo. You may immediately sense an intuitive feeling even before it can be mentally processed. (Aries)  You can sense the energy around others and immediately know their intentions. (Scorpio) Be careful that you do not overly boast about being correct in your discernment of energy because we all have abilities that are constantly readjusting the ever changing energy fields.

       Knowing how to work with the astrological and planetary energies of your Solar Plexus Chakra can help you to develop your intuition. You begin to recognize the physical, mental, emotional, and ethereal sensations of energy working together to bring about clear, intuitive feelings.  If intuition feels blocked it is a signal to adjust this chakra.

     I always recommend Reiki as a starting tune up for what ails your energy system and an energy worker can suggest gems, aromatherapy, and other holistic therapies to keep you in tune with the Cosmic forces of life. 



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