Astrological Influence on the Chakras: Fourth Series, the Heart Chakra

    The heart chakra is the bridge between the lower three chakras of the physical plane and the higher chakras, the fifth, sixth, and seventh, of the spiritual plane. This is where we bridge the world of matter with the world of spirit.

   The heart chakra is vital in that it initiates transcendence.  It is here that we process the mindset that “life happens to us” into the powerful transcending ability of “manifesting the life” that is for our highest good. It is an important chakra because without a bridge, the two worlds appear to be separate and therefore, you could get “stuck” in one without the other. 

   Physically, the heart chakra is located at the same level of the physical heart but at the center of the body. It governs our sense of compassion and our feelings and emotions. It rules the physical body from the heart to the throat and is linked to our capacity for unconditional love.
   A healthy heart chakra gives the ability to clearly differentiate between feelings and emotions. In addition to this a healthy heart chakra works in conjunction with the energies of the root, sacral and solar plexus chakra to help us "love" wholeheartedly, vulnerable yet compassionate, discrete, and totally aware of the consequences of our own actions. 

   An imbalanced heart chakra may manifest physically as heart disorders, or emotionally the imbalance can lead to inflexibility in relationships, chronic stress, hypertension, or a sudden withdrawal from social activities. You may also feel intolerant, critical and judgmental which can lead to loneliness and isolation. Feeling rejected and lacking empathy are also signs of blocks within this chakra.

   The heart chakra is significant in how strong emotions like love and hate are processed throughout the incarnations of the soul including parts of your soul left in other lives or dimensions. If you have left parts of yourself tangled in past life death experiences, romances that broke your heart, traumatic or deeply emotional experiences, these fragmented parts can become attached and continue to try and influence you to complete unfinished business. 

   When this energy center is fully opened and evolved, psychic touch (psychometry) and innate healing abilities also kick in. Psychometry involves sensing the energy impressions of an object in order to read its history or that of its owner(s). The ability to use psychic touch emanating from the heart chakra allows you to hold an item and obtain all kinds of information about the people associated with it. The highest, most advanced form of psychic touch is healing touch, which enables us to transmit the highest frequency vibrations (those associated with love and compassion) to others. We all possess the power for healing touch because we are already hardwired for it.

    As I explained in the September 2014 blog which is part one of this series, if you learn to work with the planetary energy of the chakra centers and apply it to your own personal astrological birth chart  you can more effectively embody the energy of your emotions, mental mind, and spiritual or karmic memories.  Your personal astrological chart influences how you process the energy from the chakras, your mystical life force centers.

   The heart chakra is ruled by the Sun. When this chakra is blocked the Sun’s energy is negative within us and we lose compassion and detach from others. On a positive tip when we properly work with the energy of the Sun then the energy gives us the ability to express pure love.

    The astrological sign linked to this chakra is Leo.

    Now, look at your astrological chart and see where the house cusp of the sign Leo resides in your chart. If you have intercepted houses, look to where you find the sign of Leo because this is your clue to see how you express and receive love.

    You can get a free astrological chart at: see your precise planetary markers.

Leo on the cusp:

First house: You project yourself with dignity, energy, and will, but at times you are abrupt and overbearing. You’re determined to express yourself wherever you see fit, and will sometimes enter into and dominate a situation without being invited. You welcome admiration but must learn how to discern authentic feelings from phony ones.

Second house: You express power through financial matters. You often try to buy affection instead of just letting it occur naturally. You have to watch a tendency to judge people by their material worth.  All that glitters in not gold.

Third house: You express your feelings through creative thinking and invest in your relationships with great energy. Thus, you think in large and dramatic terms. Your mental ingenuity is often expressed in art and you may very well write your loved one a song or poem, Your journeys are likely to have a pleasurable or creative purpose; you tend to travel to see loved ones, or romantic lovers. You need mental stimulation in all of your relationships.

Fourth house: You express your power through the home and family. Generally, your home is a showplace through which you express your creativity and status. You entertain lavishly, and those who come into your home are treated with warmth and love. You need a lot of nurturing and you reciprocate in kind.

Fifth house: You’re ardent in love. You identify strongly with your children and you want to be proud of them. Your constant flow of creative energy is often expressed in art. You like competitive games. You need a constant flow of excitement in relationships but you have to be open to the fact that not everyone wants a constant life of drama.

Sixth house: You are usually a meek individual but can also be quite domineering with loved ones. You willingly sacrifice for the ones closest to you and expect the same type of consideration in return. You have to be careful that you do not treat relationships as if they were all work and no play.  Learn to lighten up a bit.

Seventh house: You attract marriage partners who are powerful and well established, and occasionally try to dominate you. However, you are very independent, and this domination is never carried to the point of suppression. Your partners are generally amorous and have their own place in the sun. You express your love in the most original and sometimes eccentric ways.

Eighth house: You are generous, and you like to control joint resources. You are an ardent and sexy lover and put your heart into your relationships. Love and sex must blend for you to be truly happy.  You make pursuing your ideal relationship a matter of life or death and sometimes become obsessive.

Ninth house: You give your philosophy the power of your being. Your need someone who is spiritually in tune with you.  Your love is boundless although you need to also have a sense of freedom. You are a natural giver who has to learn to set boundaries.

 Tenth house: You’re ambitious in pursuing love and proud of your partner. Those with this placement often have to watch a tendency toward social climbing.  You seek quality over quantity when it comes to friends and lovers.

Eleventh house: An external source of strength and security must be established in love relationships. Therefore, you cultivate friendships and usually maintain them for life. You have a keen sense of logic and others find you to be the “voice of reason” especially when they need someone to really listen to their problems.

Twelfth house: You possess astonishing strength that is not apparent until you are tested. You have to learn not to be so stubborn in relationships because your self-undoing may come from pride and hidden egotism. Allow other to help you when you are in need so you don’t create an energy imbalance.

   Next we will see how the Sun determines how to best work with your cosmic forces. Look at your birth chart and see what sign the Sun was in at your birth.  This is how you express your love, desires, compassion, and healing related to your heart chakra.

Sun in Aries: You are incisive, spontaneous, daring, active, courageous and energetic. Aries are the proverbial initiators of the zodiac, guileless and optimistic to the fault. However, they also are impatient, impetuous, vain, proud and egoistic. Your HEART rushes in where fools dare not go.

Sun in Taurus: Taurus is loyal and dedicated in their work and relationships alike. They also are generous, humane and committed individuals, and love to nurture their friendships and relationships with a genuine tender care. Your HEART is as ardent as it is cautious.

Sun in Gemini: You are cheerful, tactful, enthusiastic, diplomatic, versatile, and witty, possess sharp intellect and thrive on communication. You are very sociable and don’t have any sort of shyness within you. Your HEART is playful and seeks grounding relationships.

Sun in Cancer: You are known to be very unpredictable, indecisive, temperamental, and insecure. You profoundly fear rejection by loved ones and are prone to get hurt easily. The otherwise tenacious, loyal, sympathetic and strong Crabs are vulnerable in many ways. Your HEART is fueled by emotions and memories.

Sun in Leo: You are magnanimous, self-aware, dignified, majestic, optimistic, romantic, aristocratic, and proud. Leos are action-oriented and driven by the desire to be loved and admired.  Your HEART is steadfast and seeks loyalty above all else.

Sun in Virgo: You have a very strong sense of good and bad, which makes you highly discriminating. You have an uncanny ability to sense the ulterior motives of people. This makes you very circumspect in your dealings with others. Though you are rather passive, when the situation demands it, you can be very agile. Your HEART discerns past emotions.

Sun in Libra: You are kind, gentle and a lover of beauty, harmony and peace. However, in an effort to keep everyone happy, you may find it difficult to say ‘NO’ to anyone, and as a result, end up getting stressed. Your HEART seeks balance.

Sun in Scorpio: You have a magnetic charm that can’t be ignored. One of your major strengths is the ability to focus on what you want. If a Scorpio has decided on something, it’s almost impossible to divert them from their path. You are trustworthy and faithful unless you are tripped up. Your HEART keep promises and holds secrets.

Sun in Sagittarius: You are a very encouraging, inspiring and generous person. You are jovial and spread a lot of joy and laughter in your friend circles. You are a very loyal friend and will nurture relationships till the very end. Your HEART thrives on honesty.

Sun in Capricorn: You are sensitive, sensible and secure in your own space and rarely invite drama into your life. You do not make impulsive decisions but will act aggressively to get what you want. Capricorn can be very detached and will not get close to others beyond a certain point. Emotional involvement doesn’t come easily and when it does arrive it is usually lasting.  Your HEART is sensitive beyond the walls of the fortress you keep around it.

Sun in Aquarius: Your ability to accept people as they are make you very popular in social circles. Humanitarian activities appeal to you. You can come off as a little detached in personal relationships but those who really know you understand that is part of your nature. Aquarians try their best to do whatever is possible to make the world a better place to live in. Your HEART wants a rhyme, reason, and cause. 

Sun in Pisces: You are generous and emotional. Pisces are quite popular in their social circles for being a genuine friend to everyone. You value human relations the most and put the people you love above everything else. You will go out of your way to help others. However, if someone you care about disappoints or hurts you then you can become very disillusioned and detached.  Your HEART seeks the magick of love and romance.

   Here is an example of how to best work with the energy of your heart chakra. Say for example that you have Leo on the fifth house cusp and the Sun in Pisces.  You’re ardent in love. You need a constant flow of excitement in relationships but you have to be open to the fact that not everyone wants a constant life of drama. You will go out of your way to help others. You are generous and emotional but you need loyalty in order to sustain relationships. 
    Knowing how to work with the astrological and planetary energies of your heart chakra can help you to have more meaningful relationships. 
     I always recommend Reiki as a starting tune up for what ails your energy system and an energy worker can suggest gems, aromatherapy, and other holistic therapies to keep you in tune with the cosmic forces of life.



  1. On the tree of life the heart centre is the 6th sphere or emanation, and works like the hub of a wheel, all the other spheres are attached like spokes of this wheel, your description of the heart chakra sums it up nicely!


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