Retrieving the Fragmented Soul: Shamans go where we mere mortals dare not venture

Since February is considered a big relationship month because of Valentine’s Day, it seems fitting to write about our most important relationship-the one we have with ourselves.

We search dating sites, cruise bars, and “ahem”, consult with astrologers and psychics to see when and where we will find that certain someone.

If you are already in a relationship you know that for as good as it gets there will also be moments when you feel disappointed and let down by the person who you somehow make responsible for your happiness.

Here is the catch-other people are not going to complete you.  Before you can expect anyone to love you, you have to really, truly like the person that you are. 

OK, so what are we actually searching for when we partner up with someone?  Why do we keep choosing the same type of people over and over again?  How do we find and fix what is disconnected in our own happiness?

Throughout our many incarnations (yes, we have all been here before) we lose parts of our soul essence due to trauma, and mainly because we have experienced some sort of loss.  We inadvertently seek these missing pieces by trying to find people who help complete us. This is only a placebo remedy and soon wears off because it is not the fabric of our missing soul body.

Our energetic body holds the “cloud version” of all of our experiences.  When we experience relationship issues we have to first look inside, not outside of ourselves if we are to fix the problem. You possess a soul, and most of it is inside your immediate sphere of influence (that means your energy body). 

Situations we experience over our many life times that cause heartache, pain, and loss cause our soul to splinter off and hide away in the spirit world. It is a safe hiding place away from our pain.

Sometimes the part of the soul returns but sometimes the hiding part needs to be retrieved. Symptoms such as emotional emptiness, depressions, even addictions are a sign that a soul scout is needed to help us guide the missing part of us back so we stop looking for it in others. Soul loss can keep us from feeling our connections with others, from creating healthy relationships and from living the life we really want to live.

Shamans are healers that know we have to make corrections on all levels of our existence if we are to be complete.  Shamans divide the spiritual cosmos into three worlds; the Upper World, the Middle World, and the Lower World. A missing soul essence may be found in any of these worlds.

So what are you to do if you don’t have a neighborhood Shaman to help you track and reconnect you with your fragmented soul?  Well you might be surprised to know that hidden among the usual shrinks that focus on your emotional and mental states and the doctors that treat the physical body there is also an emerging community of Shamans who will venture into your past lives and reconnect your wires so you can experience the true happiness of being YOU.

A shaman is a person who interacts with both the normal world and the world of spirits, usually acting as a sort of intermediary between the two. They are common in many tribal cultures. Just as in ancient times, contemporary people consult with modern day shamanic practitioners for practical and pragmatic solutions to problems in everyday life-from personal illness, professional challenges, or family discord to ancestral issues.

In contemporary western society, shamanic healing is unfamiliar to most non-indigenous individuals. We are so caught up in the quick fix of the material world that we don’t even consider the utmost importance of the spiritual realms and energy forces around us.

You would be surprised to know that a shaman does not have to be found in a tribal society.  They are becoming a more visible and vital force in our healing communities especially since pill popping, and hours in a therapist office still don’t reach far enough into our essence to fix the root of our missing pieces.

There are resources available to help you find a shamanic practitioner in your area.  So before you look towards others to help you find your happiness, complete you, or be the source of your well being take a modern day leap into the world of energy and repair your fragmented soul.

What we think is missing from our relationships is nothing more than a part of ourselves that needs to find its way back home.

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” 
~Thich Nhat Hanh



  1. Perhaps we need a different word, Shaman is 'so' connected to indigenous peoples, I think we need to find our own.
    Enjoyed your blog btw!

  2. Thank you:-) Maybe Shaman should be up-dated to Subtle Body Specialist.


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