If My Astrology Chart Looks Good Than Why Am I Having Such A Shitty Day?

    Some of the sites with the biggest hits on the internet are the horoscope sites. We often find ourselves, even the quasi-believers, clicking on the inbox email that delivers the curious peek at our horoscope to get a heads up on the “what next.”

     Don’t get me wrong. I am all for promoting astrology sites and daily horoscopes but viewing them as mere folly for the day or in the vein of superstition is as bad as trying to diagnose your physical health issues on Web MD.  The value of astrology lays in the realization that it is an important method for recognizing your potential for personal growth and spiritual unfoldment. 

      Astrology is not a dogma, a specific tenet or doctrine authoritatively laid down, but rather a tool which works in a very fluid, holistic, and complex manner to access and expand your own consciousness.  Your potential and possibilities held within your unique birth chart are only validated by your intention and ability to work with these built in, energy gifts from the planets.

      I sometimes have a client who will want to know why they are having such a shitty period in their life when the “text book” definition of their planetary placements show a stellar life filled with rewards and accolades. 

    Look at it this way, just because you were accepted into a top Ivy League University is no guarantee that you will get a 4.0 average, graduate with honors, and become the CEO of a fortune 500 company.  You have to apply yourself and consciously work toward your goal.

   Being a super wealthy person is not a free pass into also having a great personal life.  You can be financially wealthy put personally crippled if the effort is not put out toward having good friendships.

   A birth chart, or Solar Return chart, which looks at your year ahead, is only a map of your POTENTIAL and POSSIBILITIES.  You have to work with your strong planets, not give in to the agitating planets and pay close attention to your mind set.  Your own actions and choices determine how the planets deliver their energies to you.

   Jupiter, the great benefic planet, brings on expansion and “a lot of something.”  It can also bring you a lot of what you don’t want depending on how you choose to work with the planetary influence built into your chart and also activated by transits of other planets. Astrological information is constantly updating due to planetary movements, eclipses, and new cosmic discoveries.

     Astrology is not a superstition.  It's not fortune telling. Your astrology chart can be used as a personal system of information and wisdom. The planetary movements along with the Sun and the Moon are indicators that show you the nature, meaning, and duration of various developmental periods in your life and knowing how to work with these energies will help you navigate the challenges and opportunities that may be presented.

    Astrology is an empowering modality that helps us to defy fate, make order out of chaos and become aware of our freewill to make choices in our quest to understand the fundamental nature of consciousness, that mysterious aspect essential to human existence.

  If you check your Susan Miller horoscope and she indicates that you are going to have a good day and instead the day bombs than whom do you blame?  The astrologer, the planets,????  Look first to the choices that you made, the company that you choose to interact with, and a bit of Karma thrown in for good measure.

   Interacting with other people is a recipe for a Cosmic Cocktail that may leave you with a synastry chart hangover.  SYNASTRY means “together with the stars”. It is the art of analyzing a relationship of two or more people.  Your conscious decisions determine wheather you play on the high tip of the planetary energy or are tempted to engage in the underlying aggravating qualities of the horoscope. 

   Every horoscope is all good and all bad depending on your choices and actions.  Nothing pisses an astrologer off more than to have a client tell them that an anticipated good period according to transits proved to be nothing more than disastrous.  Do not take for granted that a positive outcome is guaranteed.  You still have to be a vigilant participant in your horoscope chart.

     A doctor can give you medicine but you won’t get better unless you follow his advised instructions and also not combine anything contraindicated that will temper the results of the medicine.  A lawyer can only advise you in legal matters.  A financial planner can only suggest prosperous moves for your money.  Your actions, choices, and intentions, determine the end results.  Astrology works the same way.  It is about POTENTIAL and POSSIBILITIES offered to you based on your decisions and executions of your actions.

    For the record-divination through astrology, tarot, palm reading, and whatever other methods are used for a peek at up-coming potentials, are all meant to be a form of spiritual guidance.  They are to spark your consciousness into action and you decide if it will be proactive or self-sabotaging.  What the “F”?  Fortune telling is a term that should have been retired centuries ago.  Divination methods are tools for self-empowerment and enlightenment.

   So the next time you have a “shitty day” don’t blame it on Saturn, the Moon or your astrologer.   Look to see if you missed the opportunity to view your Saturn energy as an opportunity to tighten up your life, restrict distractions, and build a better mouse trap.  Saturn’s vibration of discipline can be negatively realized as limits if you choose to act in that mindset.

   Your astrology chart offers you the opportunity to look at a road map filled with pit falls, possibilities, and surprises.  You choose the path and you interpret the experience.

   Live in awareness that we are a material machine, programed to birth chart factory specification and your choices and attitude are the optional add dons to the system.



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