STARS.COM Dating by sign-What they say and what they really want in a mate

My work as an astrologer usually brings me an array of questions ranging from the usual to the bazaar.  I guess that I would have to admit that the majority of queries are mostly about relationships.  Who is good for whom and are the signs lined up for a stellar match.

Well, first of all you can’t solely judge someone strictly by their zodiac sign since many factors need to be considered.  The rising sign is the outward appearance and initial impression inherent in someone.

The Moon factors in their emotional and instinctive response.  Mercury deals with how they communicate and think. Venus determines how they love and their views on finances and esthetics. 

Mars is of course action, drive, and determination and by the way, in relationships the aspects between Mars and Venus in each person’s chart is very important.

In a woman’s chart the Sun represents the father until she marries then the Sun represents the husband.  Mars is always a lover.

In a Man’s chart the Moon is his mother until he marries then the Moon represents his wife.  Venus is always a lover.  So much for!

Jupiter is where you find your friendships and Saturn represents your responsibilities and limitations.  Might be a good idea to see where your partner’s Saturn lands in your chart.

Uranus can be exciting but if someone’s Uranus happens to fall on your Sun or Moon it may reveal who will pull away from the relationship first-Ouch!

Neptune is dreamy but under negative aspects it also represents where you are fooled and lied to.   

Pluto shows where issues of control come into play and where there is need to make changes.

I did a little research of my own and came up with some tongue and cheek blanket observations that give a broad view of only dating by Sun sign information.  Keep in mind that we are all astral “mutts” because we embody the energy of the whole zodiac based on planets, stars, and house positions. 

Scanning the most popular dating sites there seems to be a large number of Aries, Cancers, and Aquarians that are found on the dating sites.  The ones that don’t display their Sun sign and say “I’ll tell you later” may very well be a Taurus or a Scorpio since they don’t like to revel too much too 

Here is what I observed and a few funny commonalities for each sign:

Aries Men:  Looking for adventurous partner who likes to take off for exotic places on a moment’s notice. (usually means their bedroom)

Aries Women: Enthusiastic woman, good head on her shoulders, looking for a man with a passion for life. Has children but they don’t live at home. (Encouraged them to get out; be independent, and give her space. She’ll tolerate your kids and pets about as long as a “New York” minute.)

Taurus Men: Fine dining, lazy Sunday afternoons reading the paper together and quiet evenings with Italian food and a nice bottle of wine. (Translation- stays at home and channel surf while you wait for the pizza to arrive)

Taurus Women: Looking for a man to enjoy gardening, dining, and life’s simple pleasures.  I am a woman of few words until I get to know you better. (Looking for a man to simplify her life and she’ll show more of an interest if you have a few bucks and good credit.)

Gemini Man: Divorced, Children sometimes live at home, looking for a fun partner who enjoys concerts, the beach, and movies. (Usually means that you will help him chauffer his kids to the concerts, the beach, and the movies.)

Gemini Woman:  Looking for a great conversationalist who enjoys long walks, impromptu parties, and traveling. (She will talk your balls off as you walk along the beach to meet up with her friends who are having a party. Do not expect to sit still with this woman)

Cancer Man: Looking for my soul mate to share time antiquing, cooking together, and watching old movies. Drama free woman preferred. (Translation: He considers the old shit in his place antiques and it is more cost effective to stay in and watch you cook his dinner while he watches old videos of his kids. His drama is enough for both of you so don’t expect to share any of your own.)

Cancer Woman:  Looking for a kind, gentile, sensitive man who isn’t afraid to cry. (All gay men please reply)

Leo Man: Looking for a woman who is physically, fit and well-toned. I would describe myself but I would wind up writing a novel. (It just isn’t possible for him to describe himself in the small space provided on the dating site.  He believes that he is a great catch. If you don’t look like you just fell off of the pages of Vogue don’t even bother to reply-he like to show his woman off)

Leo Woman: I am an independent woman, self-starter who is the brains behind my business. Looking for a man who enjoys wine tasting, fine dining, and Saint Bart’s in the winter. (Translation-don’t even reply if you are not a top tier professional with at least a high six figure income.  This woman is no slouch)

Virgo Man: Never married old school gentleman seeking non-smoking, non-drinking woman with conservative political views.  Pets are OK but I am allergic to pet dander. (Hello-do you want to date Felix Unger?)

Virgo Woman: Dedicated, loyal woman who is into yoga, green drinks, and fitness looking for a mature minded man to share in her life. (If you smoke, drink, and throw you socks around this woman will drop your ass. Be prepared to show her your cell phone so she can make sure that you aren’t a cheater.)

Libra Man: True romantic seek counterpart for candlelight dinners and magical moments together. I am a man who is “In love with love.” (Check all dating sites because he is probably communicating with six other women who are melting to the beautiful messages he writes)

Libra Woman: My friends tell me that I am a pretty woman with a shining personality.  Looking for a man who believes in love and willing to take a chance with a special lady like me. Long walks on the beach, picnics at midnight, and shopping for unique things found in out of the way places. (She might be looking for a “Fan” instead of a “Man.”  If you are not someone who throws around compliments and treats her like she is Gloria Swanson in the famed movie Sunset Boulevard, then keep scrolling.)

Scorpio Man: I’ll tell you later

Scorpio Woman: I’ll tell you later

Scorpios don’t readily reveal themselves so be prepared to play Dragnet with each other until someone wins.  They take no prisoners. When they try to achieve something they are very determined and do not care about protocol.

Sagittarius Man: Adventurous woman who likes hiking, swimming, boating, football games and camping willing to join me in my quest to experience everything that life has to offer. I promise life will not be boring. (You bet it won’t be boring as you try to keep track of this man who likes a relationship with yards and yards of free space between you and him.  Careful that he doesn’t leave you behind on a camping trip,)

Sagittarius Woman: Never married woman looking for a man who likes to travel, socialize, and experience the deep passion that I am capable of showing him.  I want someone who shares my zest for life and has similar philosophies. I am an animal lover and I want to bring out the animal in you. (She likes her freedom and by similar philosophies she means that you better not challenge her on her political views because she will debate you until you cave in.  She prefers the company of animals because they can’t talk back.)

Capricorn Man:  Seeking a woman who has her life together so she can share in mine. I don’t mind if you are a professional with a more intense business life than mine as long as we can find the time to relax, try new restaurants, and look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. (This cat is looking for a pedigree woman who has a sound financial base. You will fit the bill if you have some foo foo social contacts that he can network into and parlay into deals of his own,)

Capricorn Woman: I am a workaholic who is looking for a man to entice me away from the daily grind.  I am a bit conservative but none the less I can be wild and crazy at the appropriate time.  If you are a non-smoking, professional man who has his life in order except for someone to share it with than I am the gal for you. (If you have bad credit, spend money on cigarettes, and expect me to foot the bill than move on.)

Aquarius Man: Thrice divorced man looking for a unique, zany partner to share in my unconventional life.  I enjoy sporting events, concerts, paint ball challenges, and sneaking into the movies. (If you are as nuts as he is please reply.  Be ready to live life on the edge,)

Aquarius Woman: Thrice divorced woman looking for a stable, loving, man who embraces my eccentric ways and recognizes the artist in me.  Let us paint the picture perfect life together. (Run if you do not like abstract)

Pisces Man: I am a dreamer who wants to dream of you each and every night.  I will be your knight in shining armor and you can be my lady.  I like concerts, art museums, soulful conversations, and deciphering our dream together. (Translation-the guy hates work and lives the bohemian lifestyle beyond the age of 40.)

Pisces Woman: Looking for a man who is kind, sympathetic, and loving.  Must like pets and surprise visits from family members.  Exotic dining, wine tasting, and good company spell Nirvana for me. (Her house is like a half-way house for wayward friends who manage to throw her left overs into some kind of exotic mess to eat while washing it down with wine during their daily group therapy sessions.)

Ah the stars!  I guess we all have a day and a night side.  The secret is not to be daunted merely by Sun sign qualities alone.  A good astrologer can help you harvest the knowledge held within a birth chart and navigate the dating sites to avoid “match.CON.”



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