Cleaning by Clearing: Maintaining your subtle body space

There is a lot to be said about the phrase, “cleanliness is next to Godliness.” When your energy field is clean your natural spiritual senses like intuition, spiritual guidance, and positive manifestation will begin to operate at an optimum level. Negative energy charges picked up from our environment, other people, and situations has the ability to enter the human energy field. The unwanted charge can and often does have a major impact on health, our mental state and can even spill over into our electrical gadgets causing malfunctions.

Your subtle energy field is made up of your aura, chakras, and meridian system that are basically the motherboard for your experienced physical condition.  This very sensitive energy grid is greatly influences by your thoughts, interactions with others, psychic attacks directed toward you, and even the energy of the food that you eat.

Because we are not physically aware of our force field, have no doubt that it is there and must be maintained. We usually attribute any malaise we experience to some sort of physical condition but take it back a step further because the originating root lies first and foremost in the energy field.  Everything from unresolved past life memories to a recent blow up with someone has a direct impact on your overall condition.

Look in a mirror after a bad day.  Your physical appearance will be a direct result of what your energy system is filtering through.  Say for example if a certain situation or person is constantly on your back-you will develop a physical back condition because you are allowing that energy stream to be processed through your subtle body wiring eventually bringing about a concrete manifestation.  Ah, now wouldn’t it be better if we could keep that system free of negative debris so we could start to manifest a much better life for ourselves?

You have to consistently get into the habit of doing a daily sweep of your energy the same way you get into the habit of brushing your teeth and maintaining your physical hygiene.

Cleaning is the removal of unwanted matter and you also have to be vigilant about what lies below the threshold of human perception. 

I place critical emphasis on doing a clean sweep of your subtle body energy field every day in the same manner that you clean up your environment and physical body. Often times your streak of bad luck is the result of having a negative energy charge attached to you which in turn acts as a magnet for more of the same. It is very possible to track negative energy from a bad day at work back into your home even if the prevailing situation didn't directly involve you.  You may have been exposed to the flying negativity ricocheting around the room.
How do you know when you have picked up some virulent energy virus and how do you effectively removed these unwanted ions that can cause havoc in your daily life?

If you feel stymied in your daily life my guess would be that you are not cleaning up your energy field at the end of the day.  You most likely are blocked. 

Blockages result in a lack of synchronization between the auras, chakras, and meridian system and you will experience physical issues, emotional issues, and a state of consistent depression and anxiety. Put down the chemical quick fix antidepressants that come with side effects much worse than your original problem.  Chemical treatments are topical and only temporarily address the imbalances affecting you. You get high, put yourself on “sleep mode” and are basically a sitting duck waiting for the side effects to kick in and they are usually much worse than your original problem. 

Here are a few habits that you should start to practice in order to reboot your energy field back into prime condition.

  •    Smudge, smudge, and smudge. Smudging with white sage clears out certain types of negative energy blockages in your auras, chakras as well as your home. Burn some white sage and many negative energies will dissolve, within you and your home. Remember to put something sweet back into the air to invite positive energy back into the newly opened areas.  Burn some sweet grass.
  •     Stay away from processed foods. A healthy diet, water, uninterrupted sleep and relaxation are essential to having healthy energetic systems. High ongoing stress creates serious damage in auras and chakras as well as the physical body.
  •     Breathe.  Deep breathing into the emotion you are carrying will allow you to take it in and breathe it out.
  •       Stretch.  Muscles hold emotional memory and when you stretch you release the blockages and knots that block the natural flow of your energy.  Yoga is great for this type of release because it requires you to be disciplined and in the moment.
  •       Meditate. Spend at least 5 minutes a day meditating. This is how universal healing energy pervades. Keep your mind as blank as possible. At the end the 5-minute meditation, complete this process with 3 slow deep breaths and release
  •       Sea salt bath. Take a sea salt bath. Salt has been called “The Tears of God” and with good reason, as it is one of the purest substances on earth.  Negativity cannot adhere to salt – therefore it is ideal for clearing/cleansing ones’ self. 
  •       Energetically sweep your space. If a negative person, thought, or situation has entered your space sweep it clean.  You can burn sage, incense, drum, clap, rattle, or take a broom and sweep it out the door. Spray the area with clearing essence to settle any residual energy. You can also mop your floor with Van Van floor wash.
  •       Get back into nature.  Go play in the dirt.  Gardening has a very grounding effect on negative charges that you may have picked up throughout the day.
  •        Don’t miss the small stuff.  If you have any crystals, jewelry, electronic equipment, pets or plants occupying a charged area make sure you check their vibration before you do your white glove energy inspection.  All of the above mentioned can pick up negative charges very easily and may have to individually be cleansed.
  •         Let it go.  Sometimes an item you have may be too charged especially if there is a lot of emotionally energy connected to it.  Get rid of things that keep pulling you into a dark space.  If you donate an item make sure you sage it off so some unsuspecting person isn’t affected by you past attachment.  Responsibly burn things that are too highly charged.  Fire transmutes energy.
  •        Cut cords. At the end of the day take your hands and move them up and down over the perimeter of your body and feel the vibrations as you go along.  If you come across a hot spot visualize cutting the energy cord that is binding you to a negative charge.
A good suggestion is to carry a little emergency spiritual aid kit with you the same way you would carry some sanitizing hand gel or wet wipes to ensure proper hygiene. I personally keep a small spray bottle of clearing essence, a black obsidian stone, a sprig of sage and a baggie of sea salt with me at all times in order to head off any unwanted residual energy from the day.

So if you notice that electrical things in your home are acting up, things keep breaking, you lose items and people seem constantly pissed at you there is a good chance that you and your home are overly charged and in need of a clean energy sweep.  If you suddenly break something made of glass take that as a shove by the Universe to get moving on the clean up since breaking glass is a natural way to initiate clearing space-Mazel Tov!

Don’t be a negative energy hoarder.  Clean ups are vital to your overall spiritual and physical health. as always, I highly recommend Reiki sessions as a  diagnostic for your energy field. Keep it tuned up and tuned in.

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