Where You Put Your Focus is Where You Experience Your Reality: The language of energy

    As the Shamans say, “where you put your focus is where you experience your reality.”  How very true this is. 

    We spend our days thinking and contemplating our next move, engaging in everything from the mundane to the sublime and most of the time this is all done unconsciously.  What we fail to realize is that we are inadvertently creating our reality.  The very room you are in only exists because you are there to experience it.  If you move to another room the prior room is a mere memory; an illusion of reality.  Sounds kind of crazy doesn’t it?

    The three dimensional world is the plane where energy slows down enough to take form and then we interpret the massive ink blots of life based on our individual perception.  Most of the time we tend to base our perception using only the facilities of the mind and not the real perception of the spirit, which is a step higher and encompasses intuition, insight and discernment.

    According to Democritus, an ancient Greek philosopher, nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion. An opinion is a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

     When we adapt to perceiving what we intuitively feel instead of judging, we develop the fine art of discernment.  Discernment is an acute awareness that supersedes judgment, which is usually formed based on what the physical senses and mind determine as “real world.”

   Because psychic sensing is obscure to most people we tend to make choices based only on what we see.  You can learn to overcome the firewall of logic by doing a few simple exercises in psychic perception at least once a day.  You will be amazed at how quickly you learn the language of energy, the Universal language of the spirit.

     First off, we start our day by looking in the closet for something to wear.  Instead of just randomly grabbing something, run your hands through the energy of your clothes and pick what feels right for that day.  You may intuitively choose a color that emits a certain vibration (yes colors have vibrations) that will help you resonate to an awaiting advantage for you.   Constantly grabbing your favorite pair of jeans is ok but are they keeping you energetically stuck?  Maybe they represent your comfort zone where you hold neutral.  By the way, everything holds an energetic charge so make sure your consistently clean and clear your closet of any stagnating energy.   The shoes you had on when you had an argument with someone picked up the charge of the disagreement.  The fight may be over but the energy is attached-BELIEVE ME.

     Wearing a charged item can attract more of the same type of situation to you.  Close your eyes (the physical sense) and hold something that you had on during an intense day and you will feel the vibes (the psychic sense) still resonating. Certain things remind us of specific experiences. 

    The word “remind” is about rewinding the mind and as stated in the first paragraph, “Where you put your focus is where you experience your reality.”   This is why you have to clear out old energy, release charged items, ditch judgment, and develop perception and discernment based on the psychic eye not the physical eye.

     Next, delete any annoying text messages and emails and do not keep re-reading or saving negative information.  Constantly focusing on bullshit will solidify it into your reality.  Take three deep breaths and release any unwanted information.  

     Do not entangle yourself with anyone or anything that is not for your highest good.  It is easy to develop patterns of behavior that keep you locked into the lower plane of existence.  Always strive to come from a higher place, the place of spiritual knowing.

     At the end of the day get into the practice of transmuting annoying energy into a more neutral vibration.  Keep a box of sea salt by your sink and either take a nice, relaxing sea salt bath or wash your hands and soles of your feet down with salt water.  Salt repels negative energy and resets your psychic sensing field so you don’t carry any unwanted vibrations into your dream time or new day.

     Create your reality by making discerning choices to achieve your desired results.  The physical world is the world of illusion because what you see is not always what you get.  Each moment holds for you the potential to manifest your desires as long as you stick to your intentions and eliminate opinions based on how others will judge you.

     Be your own artist and not the victim of anyone else’s picture but your own.  If you get into living your truth instead of buying into mass opinion you will become fluent in the beautiful language of energy.

     As always, I recommend saging things that need clearing or keeping a bottle of clearing essence handy because it helps in the translation of psychic sensing.

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