The Language of Energy: Everything Speaks, Even Your Tattoos

    Before you put on your favorite scent, slip on your ring, or decide to get inked with a new tattoo, think about the energy that you are adorning yourself with either for the day or  in the case of tattoos, marked for a longer duration.

    The things you wear such as jewelry, tattoos, scents and talismans all have an energetic effect on you.  Tattoos can bring on big problems if they are not the correct talisman for you to wear and certain scents alter your own subtle body vibration.  How many of us even realize that jewelry has to be frequently cleared because gem stones and metals are not only magnets for errant energy flying around but can also amplify situations by holding energetic charges.

    Let’s start with your closet.  Holy shit!  It can actually be an energetic, toxic waste dump full of emotionally charged item.  Everything speaks in the language of energy. The blue shirt you had on when you had a bad day at work will actually hold the emotional imprint of your experience.  Does that mean that you have to trash certain items of clothing?  You can wash them and get them dry cleaned to remove the surface charge but you really have to go deeper to clear the emotional connection to that item.  Even if you choose to never wear that certain piece of apparel again it can ping off of the other items in your wardrobe.  Seriously! 

   Look through your closets and drawers and run your hands over the contents.  See what provokes a certain memory, either good or bad, and be brave.  Toss things that are keeping you stuck in the past and make space for new beginnings.  We form attachments to “things” in the material world that anchor us in, via emotional energy cords.  On a subtle level these cords continue to feed us vibrational messages.

   I hear people tell me all the time about their “lucky” tie or scarf because every time they wear it something positive happens in their life.  Sounds crazy but it is actually true.  Certain items can become personal talismans for you.

   Get rid of or donate items that loop you back into negative experiences such as the outfit you had on the day you got divorced or lost your job.  By the way-if you donate things that seem to emotionally creep you out make sure that you sage them off before putting them in the donation bin so some unsuspecting person doesn’t fall prey to the charged item.  Energy can be passed on if the emotional charge is strong enough. 

      The same is true if you like to shop in a thrift store.  Before you bring any used item into your personal space hold it and feel the energy.  Pull it close to you and see if you spontaneously move forward or backwards because your own energy field will react to the vibrations of what you are touching.  I don’t care how much it visually appeals to you.  Put it down if you feel a ping coming from your chakra zones.

     Jewelry especially can hold and amplify energy.  Jewelry has been used over the ages not only for adornment but also for magical purposes.  The metal that the jewelry is made from along with the gems holds specific energetic resonances with your own energy field. 

    Wearing a ring on a specific finger also influences the way that your personal bling interacts with you. For instance the thumb is with water representing emotions. The pointer finger is linked with fire energy for action and creativity. The middle finger is associated with spirit energy. The ring finger is for earth energy and grounding. The pinky finger is associated with air energy and stimulates the mind.

    Consciously be aware that certain gems may look pretty but can actually stifle you if they are not the right vibration for you.  Every gem and metal is associated with a planetary influence hence forth we all have a particular birthstone.  Also, regularly clean and clear your jewelry.  Gems are sponges for vibration energy that you are exposed to including your own emotional energy.  They can hold your “thought form energy” and magnify it up a few decimals.

     Necklaces usually hit at your throat chakra and sometimes even link into the energy of the close by heart chakra.  Be cognoscenti of the metals and gems that bridge into this very sensitive area of your subtle body.  Even though certain things may match your outfit they can create vibrational havoc.  Keep reminding yourself-“everything speaks to us in the language of energy.”

     The scents that we choose to splash on also can alter your vibration.  That sexy fragrance you bought may actually act as a repellant.  Always read the ingredients because certain fragrance notes interact with you, your jewelry and emotions.  You don’t want to walk around being an energy waste dump by combining incompatible energies. 

      Now on to tattoos.  Tattoos have been popular throughout the ages.  In some cultures tattoos are seen as a rite of passage because they hold specific spiritual significance.  Before you ink up take note as to what you are imprinting onto your body.  That cool skull and cross bones or screaming dragon may look good as art but it can mark you as a magnet for a lot of bullshit down the road.

      A lot of people get tattoos that represent how they feel about themselves at a particular moment and this becomes a permanent talisman.  That crazy, drunken night when you decided to make a social statement will forever link you into that time.  Also, where you choose to place your tattoo is significant in the language of energy.  Make sure you want that colorful talisman before you get it because tattoo removal can be a real bitch.

      To find out more about the vibrational significance of certain scents and gems read The Book of Transformation, specifically Chapter 7

       As always, I recommend clearing out your space of unnecessary items, sage off things that may have been exposed to negative situations, and above all else, listen to the subtle language of energy.



  1. Thanks Lisa! This is a great reminder. I usually clear out my closet and drawers regularly these days. And I have been in much better vibrational company because of it.


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