Tips On How to Read Energy: Conversing with your things via a pendulum

Who would ever think that your luck can change just by rearranging your furniture, knick knacks, drawers or whatever?  Sometimes we become as stuck as a clogged drawer in the kitchen or as discombobulated as the overstuffed garage full of long forgotten items.  How so you may ask?

You see, everything we have in the material world corresponds to the original energy impulse we initially had when we received or purchased those items. We become energy clutter bugs and in extreme cases potential hoarders of material goods.

When we allow ourselves to become stuck to the emotional memory attached to our possessions we inadvertently become anchored, weighted down, and strung into an emotional loop that keeps repeating similar energy.

Now some items from the past carry a good link into a positive flow of energy while others can cause major power failures for your auric field.  Your body’s subtle body is an electromagnetic matrix the stores, amplifies, and eventually materializes into the world we experience.

Even if you are a net freak it is still important to keep things moving.  If you are one of those people who can open their drawer in the dark and still reach in and grab the item you were looking for then you may be creating too rigid of a life for yourself that is void of synchronicities and surprises.  Keep the drawer neat but shift the items around from time to time to initiate good flowing “Chi” or life force energy.

Beyond clutter it is imperative that you don’t mix the energy of certain items.  For example, don’t wear a piece of jewelry or clothing given to you by an old flame on a date with a new love interest.  You may not see the embedded energy of those articles but they will ping all over the place and on some level block your potential for a new relationship.  Sometimes even sagging or clearing an item only quiets the energy but the emotional energy still can loop you back into the past.

Refrigerators can harbor all types of emotional energy.  Eating in itself is emotionally gratifying in addition to being physically satisfying.  Old shit in the frig can energetically siphon off your life force.  Even placing certain items next to each other can cause havoc energetically.  Putting a carton of milk next to next to a cold beer can cause you to link into the need to be nurtured by the alcohol.  It is better to keep your brews away from milk or comfort foods.  

Stale bread, moldy, long forgotten fruits and veggies all have to be tossed.  They drain your subtle body energy.  Rearrange your food into compatible groupings and you will immediately feel the difference on a physical level.  Just try it to experience a sudden feeling of satisfaction and energy.  It works!

Voice mail and computers are hot beds for energy zapping bugs.  Why do we sometimes feel the need to keep reading over a disappointing email or listen to a nasty voice mail? Delete, delete, delete, all off the negative reminders of a bad day.  Every time you look into a past disappointment you 100% reconnect and compromise your own well-being.  Your heart rate, blood pressure, and emotional triggers respond to what you hear and what you read and in extreme cases “eat away” at you to the extent of seeding the creation for a physically manifested condition.

Toxic messages as well as toxic people all need to be removed from your life if you want to be on the right path for positive manifestation.  Don’t repeatedly recant stories about upsetting situations because you lower your own energy field and irresponsibly affect the people who have to hear your bullshit. Disengage from the past because it’s only purpose was to hold the challenge of a lesson for you.  Keep moving forward.

If you aren’t too sure about your own ability to discern whether or not something has to stay or go, invest in a pendulum.  Anyone can use a pendulum.  They are a necessary staple when dealing with the material world. Consider them the "energy reading primer" for the evolving self.

Pendulums are a stone, crystal, or metal point attached to a chain.  They are easy to find at metaphysical shops and on the internet.  Once you get a pendulum clear it off with sage, clearing essence or some salt water. You should bond with your new divination tool by holding it in your hands so it can pick up on your own energy field.

Your pendulum is a translator of unseen energy.  Start out simply until you get the feel for how it works.  It is like the Berlitz School for the Universal language of vibrations.

Give it an initial test run by holding your pendulum over the object in question or in the case of a phone message your thoughts about the message until you get a visual on the situation. 

If the pendulum moves clockwise or north and south, then the item or situation is well-balanced and full. If the pendulum moves counter-clockwise or east to west, this signifies a blocked energy or negative experience relating to an item or situation.

If the pendulum moves in an elliptical swing, there may be a right- or left-side imbalance of energy flowing and more investigation is required.

If the pendulum moves in an erratic swing, it shows upheaval. This is a sign to get rid of what is causing your energy tornado of aggravation.

If the pendulum does not move at all, you may be holding the pendulum in the incorrect location. If that is not the case, then there may be an emotional blockage that is overriding your attempts at discernment.  Consider it your subtle body’s fire wall that is telling you to rest on the matter for the time being.

Be aware that the velocity of the pendulum’s movement is a result of your energy field, the pendulum’s energy field and your subject’s energy field all combined together.  Fast swings and circles are to be taken a strong confirmation whereas slower movement indicates a weak result.

There is so much to learn about being a spirit in a physical body dealing with the material world.  Learning to read energy isn’t always easy because it is layered with our own thoughts, the environment, impute from other people, and mostly our unfounded doubts that we can do so.

If you are looking for answers and solutions to your problems or life in general keep reminding yourself that EVERYTHING SPEAKS.  You just have to quiet your mind and listen.

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