The Power in Your Thoughts: How to recognize self initiated thought form attachments that may be keeping you stuck

If you spend your time thinking long and hard enough about something you inadvertently create it.  Thought form energy has a way of attaching itself to your energy field like gum on the bottom of your shoe.  

When we constantly use “thought energy” about a certain life situation we are actually building up the energy for a set pattern of circumstances to happen.  Most people don’t even realize the power of their thoughts.  Edgar Cayce, the great American prophet, says “the mind is the builder.”

We have to mindful when it comes to “thought forms” because our ability to stay focused is the biggest challenge.  The tendency to let even a small iota of doubt into the mix can muddle your desired outcome.  Intention is also a big factor when we think our thoughts.  Too often we unknowingly invite the opinions of others, dogma, and distractions into the mix and wind up creating a very disjointed, pot luck type of thought form.  This results in a feeling of confusion. We become entangled in our own created web of aborted desires and take on an energy attachment that has the potential to cause havoc even to the point of physical illness.

Man, like animals, possess natural instincts but our logical mind often throws us a curve ball.  We create our own doubts about success, love, and happiness.  It only takes a tiny bit of fear and self-doubt to create a thought form that goes out of whack. We often times dismiss our own inner guidance, the intuition that acts as a safety switch if we only learn to trust and listen to it.

Most of us have heard of, The Secret, a self-help book written by Rhonda Byrne. It purports to the belief that positive thinking can create life-changing results such as increased happiness, health, and wealth. If we think and visualize a certain thing according to The Secret, a corresponding frequency is sent out into the universe that attracts back to us circumstances on that same frequency. It is about being mindful when putting out your original thought form energy.

Does this concept work? What about the disappointed guy who didn’t get the job that he had envisioned for himself or the girl who found out that the object of her affections didn’t feel the way she had visualized? This may make you question the power of your thoughts and throw in the towel when it comes to creating desired outcomes.

Usually if our thought forms let us down we begin to view creative visualization, the law of attraction, and positive thinking as nothing more than an urban legend.  You know-those great modern myths that make us wonder if Mr. Rogers, the popular children’s show host, was once a Navy SEAL sniper in Vietnam responsible for numerous deaths and the only reason he always wears a sweater is to cover up all of his tattoos.

So, is there a way to tighten up your “though forms” and bypass confusion and unwanted results?  The answer is, YES.  You have to be aware of how you are using the power of your thoughts and mindfully and respectfully honor the capacity of thought energy. 

Thoughts are wave energy that really can’t be dissected and observed in a lab because they are a cryptic concoction of neurons and synaptic activity resulting in electrochemical signaling.  They are colored with impressions of past experiences and dusted off with the wanderlust of desired outcomes. We rarely question our true intention in creating our thought forms that nose dive down and rather prefer to take the easy way out by choosing blame and victim consciousness as a cop out.

Thought forms have the ability to attach to our own electromagnetic field and become part of our downloaded energy data which we realize through living our life.  The mental file of your thoughts has to be neutralized and cleared regularly if you want to experience the up side of the law of attraction. You have to get unstuck from attachments that serve no purpose other than to create a cycle of repeated patterns of failures. 

Thoughts are always coming in and out of the process queue.  Which ones are instinctive or formulated because of outside influence?  Mindfulness helps you distinguish what stays as an attachment and what gets tossed into your thought form spam folder to eventually be released as neutral, energy that is not acted upon or built up any further by your own beliefs colored by fear, outside opinion, and self-doubt.

So how do you realize your good attachments and release thought forms that are holding you back?  Thoughts are made up of not only the biology and physics of human nature but also the mystical power of our own essence that is discerned as phenomena, intuition, and the magick of manifestation.  Fate and freewill will always intermingle with the chaos in our lives but a conscious awareness of our own thoughts can help in understanding the challenges, circumstances, and outcomes we create for ourselves. 

Here are some good tips on how to release negative thought form attachments and begin to manifest the life you desire.

·      Stop blaming others for what happens to you. You had a hand in the creation through your own thoughts about whatever situation occurs.

·      Know that things happen because of you not to you. Your own thoughts created and attracted any corresponding energy.

·      Set your intentions. Do you want something in your life because you know it serves your highest good or are you just looking to impress others and have their adulation?  Let go of any narcissistic Ego trips. They will hold you back.

·      Get rid of material things that keep linking you back into thoughts of negative experiences. Photos, emails, letters, and even an outfit you had on during a bad time are all reminders that plug you into negative thought form attachments.

·      Mindfully select what you read and watch.  There is a lot of misinformation that circulates on the internet and television and it can set the seed for creating attachments to false beliefs.

·      Release the concept of impressing others.  Attached thought forms that make you live beyond your means based on other people’s dreams does not equate to succeeding.

·      Stop looking for only the material rewards of what you think you want.  Make inner peace a priority.  The rest will follow suit.

·      Make a list of what you consider life’s disappointments.  Was there a hidden lesson in there? Honor the lesson and then burn the list to release the negative thought form attachments.  Fire transmutates energy.

·      Resist the urge to be pulled back into patterns of behavior, bad relationships, and obligations that are not your own.  You have the power to change only you.  Others only react to you, not define you.

·      Before you create your thought forms get into the vibe of being mindful.  Are you grounded? What is your intention? Is fear (false, emotions, appearing real) in your conceptualized vision.

·      Avoid people and situations that know how to push your buttons.  They only provide fodder for thought form attachments that fuel any insecurity.

·      Be your own artist. Life is your painting. Don’t worry if others like it or have a different interpretation of what you want in your life.

·      Avoid getting pulled into the drama of others.  Entanglement with the thought forms of others can attach on to you too.

·      Take the time, at least once a day to really, really, allow your intuition, your inner guidance to filter through your energy zones.  Most answers and solutions are found within ourselves not outside of ourselves.  Inner knowing is a gift we all have but often overlook.

·       Keep your own energy field strong by avoiding negative thoughts because it is possible to receive a dark energy attachment cast your way from someone else. The evil eye sometimes called “malocchio”, can hit you like a dart if your own thoughts begin to build upon someone’s intentions toward you.

·        Learn to let things go.

·       Reiki is a great modality for clearing out your thought form coffers. Therapist can untangle the mind to a point but the energy field where thought forms become embedded need the assistance of an energy worker.

For further information on how to keep your energy field free from the constant debris of the wrong kind of energy attachments and tips on how to activate your inner guidance, and psychic knowing, read The Book of Transformation: Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World, and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos , especially Chapter 2 and Chapter 6.



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