BOUNDARY SPACE INVADERS– Where You End and Others Begin

    Once October rolls around we are reminded of Halloween, the time when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. It is the season of reaching into the realms of the spirit world and also an opportune time to remind ourselves about our own boundaries.

     Whether we are attempting to make respectful contact with those on the other side or dealing with the energy of the living around us, maintaining our own personal space is of the utmost importance. As a matter of fact, we are more prone to the entanglements, chaos, and disturbances from those around us more so than from the spirit world.

     Many people don’t even realize that they have an invisible energy field around them that acts as a buffer or filter so you don’t mentally pick up anxiety that isn’t your own, physically fall prey to energetic disturbances, and psychic attacks projected from others.

     Setting up boundaries is a process if you want to do it correctly. Imagine your energy field as a room full of all sorts of things from memories to emotions. All of these memories and emotions are directly related to someone or something in the physical, material world. You have to discerningly decide what stays and what gets transmuted into neutral energy.

     When your personal space is basically “full of shit” there isn’t much room left for the more desirable things to take root. A few bad energy programs in your personal boundary zone can and will corrupt even your best laid plans. We all pretty much realize our likes, dislikes, who pushes our buttons, and what issues set us off like a firecracker. What disturbs us is never effectively dealt with externally but rather internally, within our own personal space. We can’t stop an asshole from being an asshole but we can adjust our reaction to them and keep healthy boundaries. 

     A lot of people with boundary issues are “givers” which automatically signals people who are “takers” to form a mosh pit around all the freebies to be had. You really can’t blame the “takers” for overextending their reach into your personal space. You can only take action and define your own lines of personal borders.

      Guilt, feeling badly, and worry about not being liked are all fear based emotions that keep you from remembering where you start and someone else ends. Learn to say “no”, it builds self-respect and if you don’t respect yourself how can you expect others to honor who you are.

     There is nothing wrong with being nice, giving, and compassionate but set your limits. If you don’t set boundaries you will wind up depleting your own energy field. A fractured energy field can result in physical illness, mental anxiety, and also leave you open to attachments from other realms. Yes, other dimensional beings look for weakness in your own energy field and a form of possession can occur and make you feel like you are a robot programmed to self-destruct as you give way to repeated patterns of dysfunctional relationships, addictions, and other self-deprecating behaviors.

      Here are some tips on setting up worthy energy boundaries:

     First, your foremost responsibility is to yourself. Not in a selfish way but in a healthy way. Disengage from people who are users, liars, sneaks, and manipulators. You will probably see your so called friend list dramatically drop as you reassess your personal space.

     Second, learn to say “NO” without feeling guilty.

     Third, get rid of material things around you that trigger negative emotional memories. Remember that there is a connecting cord attached to trigger points within your personal essence. 

     Fourth, be mindful of what you say and what you listen too. Sound is a powerful vibration. Gossip and remunerating through the same annoying stories over and over again prove to be nothing more than the lowest form of conversation. Keep your conversations current, interesting, and full of new ideas that help to maintain your space. Rehashing old arguments bleeds into your boundary lines by weakening your overall vibration. Also, going over the same nonsense almost serves as a form of brainwashing because it becomes embedded in your auric field. 

     Fifth, take and make the time to be alone. When you are by yourself you can more easily find the answers you are looking for in self-sanctuary. All of what you need to know lies within. Learn to listen and trust your own intuition. Constantly seeking approval from others and outside opinions will close the door to self-discovery. It's OK to run something by others but don’t ever go against your gut feelings. You know “what’s up” and what is best for you. Sometimes we have to learn our own lessons so we can build better boundaries.

     Sixth, keep your surrounding environmental space in order. When you live in chaos and clutter it manages to ping off of the emotional and mental energy connected to the material world. You compromise you own boundaries because of all of the surrounding energy feeding off of your field. Even dirty dishes in the sink have a way of resonating with your own energy and can weaken your energy parameters. Simplify, clear, and maintain the environmental boundaries as well as your auric boundaries. Chaos invites more chaos. Eliminate too many vibrations going on at once so you have better force field reception and stronger energy lines of demarcation.

     Seventh, I suggest spraying clearing essence and burning Nag Champa incense for creating your sacred space. It is an auric energizer. It brings one's energies into harmonious balance. Smudging with White Sage will also help purify your space. Crystals such as Honey Calcite, Copper, Pink Smithsonite, Vanadinite, Zircon, and Zincite aid in setting and keeping boundaries.

     Maintaining healthy boundaries doesn’t mean that you have to shut everyone out but rather be more discerning about who you let in. On some level we are always testing ourselves and others. You know who you can confidentially confide in, count on, and feel good around.

     On the other hand you also know who disrupts your energy zone so avoid entanglement and resist the urge to engage with lower vibrations from annoying people, certain television shows, websites, and media. Maintain your space.

     Having empathy is good but it also leaves you wide open to take on the problems of others if you don’t set limits. If you’ve been overwhelmed by someone else’s energy then release it by disengaging and return to your boundaries. The same goes for you environment. Don’t let things get out of hand or overwhelming.

     Awareness of our boundaries shows that we have the courage to honor ourselves even if it risks disappointing others.

     For more information on how to understand your subtle body energy zones I suggest you read The Book of Transformation: Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World, and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos



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