Holiday Shopping Guide for Every Astrological Sign

Yes, it is that time of year again when trying to find the perfect gift for someone can be as difficult as doing the crossword puzzle in the New York Times.

What to get, what to spend, and the biggest question of all is “will the recipient like it?” Every zodiac sign has a natural inclination toward items that resonate with the energy vibration of their astrological sign’s ruling planet and temperament.

I put together this tongue and cheek holiday list of suggestions to help you in finding that one, unique gift that hopefully will not be returned or re-gifted to someone else. 

Since a lot of us find the holidays to be a financially challenging time I have included both the big ticket gifts along with the budget minded suggestions.

 Aries Man-The all about “me” gift

The Aries man likes adventure and action.  Prime seating tickets for his favorite sports team’s game is a sure winner.  This could set you back a bit and possible piss you off should he decide to take a friend to the game instead of you.

A more budgeted mind alternative would be to buy “nose bleed” seats for a sporting event in which case he will most likely take you so he can complain that he would have a better view if he stayed home to watch the game on television.

 Aries Woman-The Diva gift

The Aries woman loves to be queen for a day or should we make that a life time?  She would love a day of head to toe pampering at a top day spa complete with an Uber ride to and from the location.

If you are stressed for cash then a gift certificate to her favorite nail salon will do and at least you can rest assured that they will address her as “Honey” throughout her mani and pedi.

Taurus Man-The Security minded man

The Taurus man resists change that is unless it is to watch his bank account go up, up, up.  He would love to have some Google Stock or stock in a new and up-coming tech company.

If buying stocks is out of your league then consider a fine leather wallet that is timeless and well made since he will expect to use it for years and years.  You might want to put a few moth balls inside too since he also likes to keep his cash around for a long time too.

The Taurus Woman-The comforts of home woman

The Taurus woman is all about a comfortable home and hearth.  She would love a gorgeous cashmere sweater to throw over her shoulders as she cuddles in her favorite chair to watch a movie.

If an expensive sweater is beyond your reach then consider a Krups Coffee Maker so she can at least have a hot drink to sip as she putters in the kitchen making you something to eat while you are watching your favorite movie.

The Gemini Man-The multi-teching guy

The Gemini man needs to be near some sort of communication at all times.  He would love a Sony Smart Watch 3. It even has a built-in GPS connectivity, which means he won’t get lost when he is walking around looking for news.

If your budget is limited you can always opt for a less expensive Smart Watch that will still do the trick of keeping the Gemini man socially connected. Some even have heart rate monitors that will help him monitor his pace around town.

The Gemini Woman-Animated and expressive

The Gemini woman is mutable and changeable like her ruling planet Mercury. Pay attention to how Gemini females move their hands around when expressing themselves-it can be like watching an exotic hand dance. The best gifts for a Gemini gal are some gold, silver, and gem stone wrist bangles that click and clang in sync to her stories. 

If jewelry is not an option for you then consider a nice pair of gloves to keep her hands warm as they wave through the winter winds.

The Cancer Man-To his heart through his stomach

The Cancer man is happiest when he feels secure and taken care of. A gift certificate to a 5 star restaurant, especially one he would never consider because of the expense, is a great gift.  If he decides to take you along as a guest then expect to leave the 20% tip because he will be expecting you to reach into your wallet.

This guy can change moods quickly so another option as a gift would be a color changing case for his iPhone. This also helps you detect who is calling him by noticing the “color” of his calls.

The Cancer Woman-The past is always a “present”

The Cancer woman is very sentimental and any gift that resonates with her attachment to the past is always a good choice.  She would love a piece of vintage jewelry (real stones of course) that you personally wrap and adorn with a personal, meaningful message.

The Cancer woman can also switch moods on a moment notice and consider a vintage gift as something used from a thrift store so in any case a safer choice may be a nice handbag that she will definitely hold onto for years until she decides to cut you out of her life and bring the bag to a thrift store for some other person to buy that is also looking for a vintage gift for a Cancer woman.

The Leo Man-Larger than life

The Leo man likes to hold court wherever he may find himself over the holidays. He would love a designer shirt in a unique color that makes him stand out from the crowd.  Leave the price tag tucked into the pocket so he can impress others with how much money you spent on him.

If you happen to know one of those rare, more demure Leo guys, then a good choice would be a voice activated television remote control.  He can have his every spoken wish to surf the channels fulfilled in front of the television set.   You might want to consider a robot for his birthday in order to get you off the hook of fulfilling his wish to bring him a snack as he watches his favorite programs.

The Leo Woman-Top shelf

The Leo woman is no slouch when it comes to preferring quality over quantity.  Do not even think of buying her a fragrance gift set complete with body lotion from your local drug store or Wal-Mart.  She would love Tom Ford’s Oud Wood, a scent that reflects her royal nature.

If a high end perfume is beyond your reach then opt for a bottle of good wine.  After a few glasses she may mellow out and fall asleep before she realizes that she spent more on you than you spent on her.

The Virgo Man-The practical perfectionist

Buying a gift for a Virgo man may limit your stores to Home Depot or Best Buys.  This man likes gifts that are practical.  Since he is fussy beyond compare, buying clothes for him can be risky so opt for a top of the line drill or a new 16GB tablet so he can compactly keep all of his information handy.

If you are really stuck on what to get this guy then go the safe route and buy him a gift card so you don’t have to worry about keeping receipts or standing in an after holiday return line.

The Virgo Woman-The Maven of health consciousness

The Virgo woman is one woman who is not offended by getting a top of the line vacuum cleaner as a gift. Don’t even consider a months’ worth of maid service because she will usually wind up re-cleaning everything herself because she likes things done a certain way.

If you are looking for a less expensive, yet Virgo worthy gift for her, then get her a Himalayan Salt Lamp.  The soothing color will calm her "always on end" nerves and also naturally ionizes the air for her.

The Libra Man-The Metro Male

The Libra man knows quality. The metro side of his scales wants something authentic and well made while the male side wants something that screams “testosterone”.  A good gift choice would be an official jersey for his favorite sports team.  Don’t forget to have it customized with his favorite player’s name.

If you are on a budget then opt for a computer or game system game that allows him to exercise his knack for sportsmanship and fairness. See how funny it is to watch him yell at cyber referees.

The Libra Woman-Beauty and Balance

The Libra woman is all about aesthetics. She would love a limited edition print, framed and matted in hues that match her home décor.  Do not buy her a poster at K-mart with a plastic frame.  She wants the real deal.
If you aren’t too art savvy then get her a nice make up mirror that features 4 different light settings: day, evening, office and home so she can see which one flatters the “Blanche DuBois” in her. Libra women sometimes live in a state of perpetual panic about seeing their beauty fade.

The Scorpio Man- I Saw What You Did and I Know Who You Are Man.

The Scorpio man is a natural detective. He would love a GPS Tracker -- Real-Time Tracker -- The history shows every address the vehicle stopped at, the time it stopped, the time it left and he can see the vehicle's current location whenever he wants!  On second thought you might want to skip that if he is your boyfriend or husband.

A safe (for you) bet would be the Clue Game. It will provide him the thrill of solving a murder mystery again and again and hopefully keep him busy while you are out and about in your car.

The Scorpio Woman-A Quiet Storm

The Scorpio woman is fearless, determined and intriguing.  Her ruling planet is Pluto, which bestows her with an intense, mysterious persona. A pair of cashmere lined leather gloves (In black, of course!) is a perfect gift for a Scorpio woman who outwardly presents as being smooth and cool but is deeply emotional, soft and warm on the inside. 

If you can’t afford an expensive pair of gloves then get her a pair of touchscreen gloves to keep her hands warm as she scrolls through your cell phone messages outside in the cold while you’re asleep. She wants to know what you’re up to!

The Sagittarius Man-The Happy Go Lucky Outdoors man

The Sagittarius man loves the freedom of being outdoors and is always on the hunt for his next adventure. Anything flannel from underwear to jackets are a good choice because he definitely is not high maintenance.

If you happen to know a Sagittarius man who is more humorous than adventurous then a joy buzzer, whoopee cushion, and a telemarketer repellent sound machine are good choices. Include a 6 pack of beer so he can really get into the spirit of breaking everyone’s stones.

The Sagittarius Woman-Idealistic and Independent

The Sagittarius woman has no problem in taking off on a moment’s notice and a suitable gift for her would be a nice set of luggage or a great weekender bag.  Don’t be surprised if she books a trip for “one” since she would rather travel alone than be bogged down by someone‘s idea of where to go or what to do on a trip.

If you want to make sure that your Sagittarius woman doesn’t take off for parts unknown then a better gift idea might be an exotic drink and cocktail kit so she can sip a mojito while she watches the Travel Channel and researches the places she plans to go as soon as you let her use your frequent flyer miles.

The Capricorn Man-Impressed with Himself

The Capricorn probably has all the things you are thinking of buying him plus you might have to plan to rob a bank in order to get him something that appeals to his superior nature.  If you are in the 3% of the population that can afford him than opt for an impressive antique book that no one else has.

If you are financially challenged during the holidays than another option for a Capricorn man would be something traditional since his ruling planet, Saturn, is all about tradition.  Get him a fruitcake.That’ll fix him!

The Capricorn Woman-The Quality Queen

The Capricorn woman is practical. She would love a good quality, name brand handbag that is large enough to hold everything from her lipstick to her extra pair of stocking should she get a runner. 

If names like Marc Jacobs, Chloé, and Tory Burch are foreign to you then skip the handbag and opt instead for a nice wallet with enough slots to hold all of her credit cards to high end stores.

The Aquarius Man-The Zany Brainy

The Aquarius man is unusual and he likes unusual things. If the pet store is all out of miniature unicorns then you might want to consider an acre of Lunar Land (yes, they sell it) complete with Lunar deed, map and Bill of Rights. His name can be printed on the deed. registration. 

If you are afraid that he might consider going off to check out his plot of land then maybe skip the parcel of Moon and get him a table top telescope so he can alternate between watching the neighbors and viewing what might have been his on the Moon.

The Aquarius Woman-Unusual and Engaging

The Aquarius woman marches to the beat of her own drummer. She sees the world in many hues. The perfect gift for this woman would be a multi colored gem cocktail ring-something unusual.

If jewelry is a bit over the top for your budget then you can always get her a Kaleidoscope Kit so she can always see her world in a variety of colorful shapes and objects. 
The Pisces Man-The Enigma

The Pisces man is a hippie at heart even if he is the CEO of a big company.  He would love an authentic souvenir from Woodstock to display in his office so he can daydream about how cool it would be to ditch the corporate world.

If your Pisces man is more of the arty type of fish who shuns traditional work then a good gift would be a hookah and an oil painting set so he can continue to create his fantasy existence.

The Pisces Woman-The Magickal Muse

The Pisces woman isn’t really materialistic but on the other hand she will not turn her nose up at an expensive gift.  She would love a genuine black scrying mirror handcrafted of black glass trimmed with pieces of Amber so she can look into her future.

If you want to go a little bit more low key then opt for a nice set of Tarot cards but be careful!  She will have no problem looking into the cards to get a glimpse of what you may be up to.

The best gift of all for any sign would be The Book of Transformation: Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World, and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos.  We live in a changing and shifting Universe and this book is a step by step guide providing you with all of the information you need to surf the new waves of energy coming into our world.

Happy Holidays!




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