Invoking Your Magic: How to Have an Extraordinary, Enchanting “Woo” Year

There is no doubt that we all possess an inner power that allows us to do impossible things. Every moment for us holds the seeds for the future that we are actively creating for ourselves. We sketch out with our thoughts, color with our imagination, and experience through our actions. A lot of us fail to realize that we are the “abracadabra,” that manifests our reality. We constantly throw out into the Universe all types of desires, requests and scenarios not realizing that this is magic, our personal alchemy that brings things into solid form.  There is a tendency to think that magic is a skill limited to sorcerer’s or magicians and not for the rest of us who box ourselves into the limited realm of the third dimension. The trick isn’t up your sleeve but rather up into the higher dimensions.  

You probably don’t even realize that you are constantly creating with magic every single day. Even when you think about what you feel like eating, what it will taste like, and what you have to do to make it come about.  Something as simple as making a sandwich is tapping into your creative force of intention and actions. Simple magic is first the thought than the deed.  Even the not so good days are a result of what you choose to manifest just by your repeated patterns of thoughts and actions. 

It is pretty easy to see how this supernatural force connects into the main creative universal force.  Just take a look at children.  They know how to use their imagination; they don’t sweat the small stuff, and for the most part see themselves as invincible.  So you may ask, “how come the older I get the less magic happens?’ Simple answer-We let uncertainty in and shut belief out.

In the metaphysical school of thought magic is the ability to conjure a desired outcome by first following the process of intention, the power of thought; speaking words, the power of sound vibration; and working with material objects to represent the physical connection into the energy of the Universe.  Making that conscious connection fueled by belief will manifest the situation you choose to experience.  The main reasons that will stymie your inner Merlin and cause undesired results are unfocused intentions that can’t securely connect into Source because of the Ego’s firewall.  

Your Ego serves only you with the intention of only you even to the extent of shutting other people out.  Another thing to keep in mind is that you cannot interfere with another person’s right to choose. Manipulating energy in order to influence someone else for your own benefit is a lot different than conjuring up a situation where everyone benefits. 

Here are a few things to put into practice in order to have a magical “Woo Year,” which means to invite (consequences, whether good or bad) by one's own action into your life.  

First-Set you intention clearly and precisely.  Will you benefit for you highest good sans any Ego trips and will others also benefit from your magical masterpiece? Remember-Harm none.

Second-Write your intentions down because this give you a physical focus point. Read the words out loud with the expression of energy you wish to put out into the Universe because the vibrations will code into your thoughts to secure a more concrete connection.

Third- Set up a small space with material objects that are representative of what you wish to manifest.  You can use pictures to make a vision board or any little items that you have that represent your desired outcome.  Be creative like a kid and use your innate imagination. Experiment with scents that appeal to you, colors that resonate with what you feel, and remember it is your creation so you make the rules.  Your magic comes from within.  Listen to your inner guidance.  You don’t need a “spell book” or the rigid doctrine of someone else’s formula. 

Fourth-Don’t get stuck in the warp of time by limiting when you want something to come about.  Our misunderstood concept of time is the biggest illusion and also a merciless thief.  It sets limits and what we want to do is learn to live in a world of unlimited possibilities. Time is a wave not a line so go with the flow.

Fifth-Invoke the power of belief.  It only takes a drop of doubt to abort the whole magical set-up.  Doubt is a derivative of fear and fear is a cloak the Ego wears because let’s face it, no one wants to fail. 

Sixth-Get into the habit of ritual.  The more disciplined you are with sticking with what you want to come about the more fuel you add to the energy of your intentions which in turn will bring about a manifestation.  We easily develop habits for brushing our teeth, grooming ourselves and maintaining our day.  Make magic a part of your daily life. Don’t expect results without accompanying actions. Focus, focus, focus!

Seventh-Just believe.  Don’t let your Ego find it necessary to tell everyone what you are doing.  Just do it.  Don’t doubt yourself by seeking outside approval or opinion. Quietly master your own maze.  You dilute your intentions and purpose when you allow others to stir your pot. Keep in mind that jealousy is a human trait and sometimes others may either intentionally or unintentionally send negative thoughts your way and these thoughts are like poison darts aimed at your stream of energy.  Always keep a white light around yourself and practice silence. You are not validated or defined by the opinions of others,

If you learn to follow the seven simple steps above you will see how easy it is to incorporate magic into your everyday life.  If things don’t turn out as expected then back track.  Where did you get off course with your original intention?  Did Ego step in?  Were you influenced by other people because you got a little ahead of yourself and told them what you were trying to do? 

Look for the magic in what you see as your mistakes because there lies a lesson from which you can learn.  Your inner alchemist revels in the infinite world of imagination and possibilities. 

Magic happens when you believe in yourself.

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