How to Retrieve Your Energy:Energy goes where intention flows

Did you ever have one of those days that no matter how much you stick to a healthy diet and go the extra yard in exercise or physical activity, you  still feel drained?  Sure, physical activity can release endorphins which may give you a brief high but they are not enough to fill in the gaps left from the pieces of “you” scattered around throughout the day.

Here is something interesting to think about-Studies show that more than 70% of our energy is emotional energy.  When we attach ourselves to unfinished business, relationships, and whatever else is left hanging in the balance, we are leaving bits and pieces of our energy all over the place.  Your energetic body begins to look like an unkempt college dorm room.

When you fragment yourself out and forget to “call back” your energy you are leaving holes and gaps in your own energy field that provide the perfect space for the energy of an illness, depression, or negative thought- form concoctions to take up residency.

Knowledge about the anatomy of our energy body, known as the layers of our aura, has been deeply buried underneath myths and misinformation.  It is so crazy to think that the physical body which is only an animation of our consciousness and energy field is given more importance than the essence of our primary source field. It is like considering a gift box to be more important than what is inside.

Our mind, which can be an amazing attribute serving as the cohesive factor which filters the messages from the subtle energy bodies, can be both a blessing and a curse.  When we operate too much from our “head” we block out recognizing the prompts from what we sense and feel intuitively.  The mind can become a fertile playground for ungrounded thoughts rooted in fear and attachments to limited possibilities.  We wind up creating a landscape of unfinished business made up of energy that we leave all over the place like an undetonated minefield.

The mental body of our subtle body system is right next to our emotional body in both the higher and lower resonances of our energy field.  They feed each other. When we throw our energy toward our everyday life situations but forget to call it back at the end of the day we unknowingly create an imbalance that manifests as fatigue, disease, clumsiness, and all sorts of foggy behavior.

What we worry about ultimately has a solution, not necessarily the one we want but on the grander scale there is always a valuable life lesson which we are free to embrace as the gift of grace, an unconditional acceptance that life itself has many twists and turns offering us all the same deal: Birth, death, and infinity. How you choose to view life (choose being the operative word) is all up to you and only you.

So how does one learn to retrieve their energy and avoid running out of fuel?
  • Learn to set boundaries. Know where you begin and end.
  •   Recognize what people or situations cause you undue stress.
  •   Practice the art of breathing it releases the residue of wasted energy.
  • Let go of guilt.  It is an energy zapper.
  • Don’t over achieve as a form of competition-remember the tortoise and the hare.  Cross the finish line at your pace.
  • Learn to listen to your own inner guidance. We all have it but rarely use it because we get too caught up in striving to live up to the expectations of others.
  • Let go of attachments that limit you.  The energy world offers you potential and possibilities which can be better than the ones you THINK (there goes your mind again) you have to have.  GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD
  • Lastly, at the end of the day contemplate everything you threw your energy towards and retrieve the bits and pieces of your subtle body field.  Don’t leave anxious, worry ions scattered around to take root. A solution to your concerns will present itself. Visualize cutting the cords that bind you to aggravating situations.

It is extremely liberating to relinquish worry and anxiety and accept the fact that we have the power to choose how we view things. Stay in the moment instead of anticipating what may or may not happen.  Thoughts go where the energy flows and eventually manifest into your created realities. 

It is good to have a game plane but release attachments to how things have to be played out.  We don’t need to be a society that thrives on anti anxiety meds.  It is like leaving your car on idle until it runs out of gas having never moved from one spot.  Know when to shut down. Reserve your energy. Always call it back in and reclaim your power to manifest what is for your highest good.  

To gather a better understanding of how important your subtle body energy field is in creating your experienced realities, read The Book of Transformation:

Live fearlessly and freely.



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