The Positive Side of the Word “NO’

   Who would ever think that the word “No” is a key to self-empowerment? Too many of us willingly give ourselves away when we believe that we have to be all time "people pleasers". We forget that we have boundaries, energy boundaries that are vital to our own well-being.

   We allow guilt and fear to ride roughshod on our energy field because we want acceptance and approval from others who use clever manipulation to get what they want from us. Beware the “energy vampires” who are well versed in sucking the life force out of you because they have an uncanny sense when it comes to sniffing out people who find it hard to say "No."

    Saying “yes” when you really want to say “no” should be your first clue that your root or base chakra is running on empty. When we lack confidence the underlying reason is usually because we don’t feel grounded and there is fearfulness tucked away that kicks our sense of self to the curb. 

    Letting others manipulate your energy boundaries is as bad as letting someone else use your toothbrush. You open your chakras, your energy zones, up for an energy corruption. You can even make yourself sick by not knowing when to tell someone “No.”

    We see the word “No” as a negative but it holds within it a very positive power. When you say “No” to an overachieving boss who wants you to work past your hours you are actually getting the positive outcome of having more time with your friends and family which is priceless.

    When someone ask you to do something that you would rather not do, it is easier to say “No” instead of wasting time anguishing over what type of excuse or lie to tell them to get out of what you do not want to do.

    Sometimes we come across master manipulators who use every trick in the book to get their way. They will twist your words, put you on a guilt trip, attempt to diminish your personal boundaries, and even act like a victim when in actuality they are trying to victimize you. We wind up getting mad at ourselves because we can’t say “No.”

     Of course if someone really needs help do what you can but know your own boundaries. Sometimes we become the sacrificial lamb paying the price for the poor choices of others. People who step into your playing field have to respect your rules. Always keep your sense of self intact.

     So how does saying “Yes” when we really want to say “No” rattle our energy spark plugs, the chakra system?

     1. The Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine, is our seat of personal power. A misfire here rattles your own self confidence and basic needs. Physically you may experience back pains or leg pains because you don’t feel supported. This unbalance chakra invites needy people into your life.

     2. The Sacral Chakra, located about two inches below the navel, is where we express our commitment to relationships and emotional expressions. Going against our own feelings can put this chakra on a pivotal point that allows us to keep choosing the wrong people and relationships. It kills your creativity. Physically you may experience addictions and sexual dysfunction if you don’t follow your own truth. This unbalanced chakra opens the gate for every narcissist and sociopath to walk into your life.

     3. The Solar Plexus Chakra is located about three inches above your navel and is home to your gut feelings. What happens when you go against your gut? We wind up beating ourselves up and the inner critic reigns freely. Physically, fear of rejection and criticism opens the door to digestive problems. You will attract people who thrive on drama when this chakra is off course.

    4. The Heart Chakra is located obviously, by your heart. When you agree to something that goes against your first love which is self-love then you invite fear of abandonment into your life. You commit emotional suicide and feelings of bitterness and resentment go rogue. Physically you create the perfect set up for heart disease. You can attract people who suffocate you with their needs and play on jealousy as a means to get you to nurture them.

    5. The Throat Chakra, located at the throat, is where you get to vocalize your truth. When you don’t express yourself you will cultivate not being able to speak up for what you want. Your self-expression both vocal and written is compromised to the point of creating physical dysfunction such as neck and shoulder pain along with sore throats and verbal inhibition. People who talk over you and fail to listen to what you have to say are attracted to people who have a weak Throat Chakra.

     6. The Third Eye Chakra is located in the center of your forehead. When this chakra is balanced we feel clear, focused, and can determine between truth and illusion. We are open to receiving wisdom and insight. When you close your third eye by ignoring your true feelings then you limit yourself from seeing the big picture. Physical imbalances include headaches, blurred vision, and sinus issues. You will attract people who are moody, volatile, and daydreamers with exaggerated imaginations who live in an ungrounded world.

    7. The Crown Chakra is located at the top of your head. It is where you connect into Divine knowing. When you fail to honor your boundaries and give into others you create emotional imbalances. You attract people who have rigid thoughts on religion and spirituality, fanatical types, and know it all bone heads who over analyze everything. You lose out on listening to your own inner guidance.

   When you “Know” yourself then saying “No” to unwanted situations allows you to affirm your own boundaries. You realize that you don’t need anyone to validate your decisions or define who you are.When a two year old says “No” we think it is cute but when adults say it, the word “No” suddenly becomes offensive.

   Some people think nothing of asking you to do things that they wouldn’t do and they raise the flag of entitlement just waiting for you to be a sucker for their needs. People who truly care about you understand when you say “No” and those who become offended by your boundaries are users who have no respect for your limits.

Stay in the “Know.”

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