Intuition, the Silent Noise

Crazy as it may seem, the time we usually go looking for spiritual guidance and spot on intuition is when we are the most freaked out.  When things are fine we roll through our day and often times forget to notice the subtle messages tucked into a random song or conversation with a stranger.  Number patterns, colors, and scents are all part of the interwoven messages put before us on a regular basis and most of the time they get deleted as nothing more than spiritual spam mail.

The harsh realities of life don’t have to be the precursor to tapping into your inner guidance and assistance from the higher realms.  As a matter of fact, when you are calm, settled, grounded, and present in the moment you will find that your intuition, that uncanny sense of knowing the “what’s up with the what next” becomes  crystal clear.  Your inner guidance is best heard via the sounds of silence.

You don’t have to meditate in order to get the messages you seek although meditation will enhance your ability to focus on the moment and shut off the outside distracting clatter. Really listening to information from source and sensing the difference from what is an authentic message, Ego driven message, or imagination takes continued practice.

Everything and I do mean everything speaks to us in waves of vibration.  All of the things in your material world are constantly shouting out vibes in hope that you will decipher the clues that hold the information and answers that you seek.   For one moment be like a kid again and anthropomorphize your plants, clothes, furniture, and personal belongings.  What messages do they have for you?  Don’t say “none” because we have already established that energy speaks to us even through our material possessions.  It is just that we have grown accustomed to not paying attention to the subtle, quiet noise that rides as an undercurrent throughout our day to day happenings.

We know that worry and stress will kick off a disease but yet we worry.  You know, we can basically obliterate unnecessary stress when we tune into our inner guidance.  The answers we seek are always found within ourselves.  Other people may give advice or their take on something but once you learn to trust what you feel, sense, and hear from spirit you will have accomplished making a firm connection into your own source for guidance.

I have worked as an astrologer and intuitive reader for many years and I find that most clients already know what is in store for them and basically are looking for confirmation that they are on the right track.   In situations where fear and worry are blocking their inner guidance then it is my job to be like a surgeon and cut through their doubts so they can realize their own truth. 

Here are a few steps you can take to stay firmly linked into your inner knowing:

  • Most importantly, listen to your feelings.  If you keep sensing uncomfortable vibes then honor the message.
  • Logical decisions are not always the best since they only serve the left brain. Get accustomed to playing things forward so you can “sense” the big picture. Honor the energy rushes, and other physical nuances that are clues to the outcome of any given situation.
  • Trust.  Our trust is put to the test on a daily basis.  We qualify all of our decisions, relationships, and experiences based on trust. Our confident expectations that go hand and hand with our hope for a positive outcome are built upon trust.  Trust is not blindly given.  We learn through trial and error how to trust.  Start to recognize how you feel when certain things come up and learn to trust what feelings are consistently perceived when you are on target.
  • Look for synchronicity, numbers, random sayings, and things that keep popping up (usually in 3’s) for they all hold a message.
  • Most importantly-Ask for guidance. The other side will not interfere in your life but they will step in and absolutely speak to you through your environment, dreams, and even that little voice in your head that seems to pop up when you’re taking a shower or just plain zoning.

Keep in mind when working on developing your intuition that there are some things that you are not meant to know.  Some life experiences are necessary for us to develop resilience. For example, you would have never married that person if you knew it would end in divorce or moved to that new city if you knew it would be a disaster.  If you play things backwards I’m sure you would recognize the “red flags” that served as lessons in developing the trust necessary for following guidance.  Even through our mistakes we learn and grow to appreciate our sixth sense of intuition.

For further information on how to recognize your senses beyond your physical senses, read The Book of Transformation: Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World, and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos

I am available for one on one coaching in developing your psychic sensing system and also for astrological and intuitive readings. Put “sessions” in the subject line.



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