Mercury Retrograde, Musings from a Celestial Nomad

I must admit from the perspective of an astrologer, it seems as though Mercury Retrograde periods are no longer just privy information for celestial nomads like myself who follow the planets and the stars.  I had to make a phone call today regarding a mix up with a warranty concerning an item I bought during a previous Mercury retrograde and I was shocked to hear the person on the other end apologize for the snafu and blame the confusion on the current Mercury Retrograde.   I was like “what”? Is Mercury retrograde now common knowledge?

Has insider astrology info finally gone rogue? The buzz about Mercury retrograde is more main stream than the retrograde motions of the other planets.  Does anybody even care when Pluto, Jupiter, or Saturn turn retrograde?  Even the retrograde of Venus and Mars, which by the way cause as much mayhem as a Mercury retrograde, still remain on the “B’ list of common knowledge for the masses.

OK, back to the Mercury retrograde periods.  Most non-astrologers encapsulate these three and a half weeks of Mercury’s backward motion into one phrase-“things screw up.”  True in a sense but do they know why?  Generally communications are affected since Mercury rules messages.  Never a good idea to sign a contract on retrograde Mercury unless you re-read it a hundred times because you may not fully process what you are signing.  Now say for instance if you are re-signing a contract the Mercury retrograde is just regurgitating back what is familiar to you.

Anything done for the first time during Mercury retrograde most likely will have a repeat performance during a future retrograde period.  You might want to reconsider getting any electrical repairs done in your home or on your car since Mercury usually plays havoc with such things.  Computers crash, the internet goes down, your phone ass dials someone who you are trying to avoid, and forget about transportation being on time.  Make sure you have a backup plan if you miss your connecting flight due to unforeseen traffic snags.

On the physical end Mercury is the natural ruler of the nervous system.  It governs the resilience of your nervous system and how well you cope with stress. The nervous system carries information regarding the condition of the body to the brain. Mercury oversees the sifting and synthesis of information, and according to sign and house placement it pretty much shows how you think. Mental mistakes and miscommunications happen more frequently during the retrograde. Even medical test should be looked over with a fine tooth comb and second opinions are usually a good move since diagnostic equipment may be off kilter and people are more prone to make mental mistakes causing confusion.

If you really want to know how Mercury retrograde periods will personally impact you then you have to see what area of your birth chart is hosting the reward planet.  Ah….it may be a good idea to consult an astrologer before you put that pen to paper, buy a new television, plan a party, or schedule an appointment.

On the upside Mercury retrograde is a good time for reunions, bumping into people from the past, revisiting familiar places (just double check traffic conditions so you stay on schedule), removing unwanted items from your home, cleaning closets, and “THINKING’ about remodeling because if you start to renovate during the retrograde the wrong materials may arrive, the paint may be mixed incorrectly, and your communication with contractors may get confused.  You might have to re-do a few things that were not done correctly.  Pretty much anything that starts with the prefix “re” is on the menu for a Mercury retrograde period.

Here is a list of what to do and not do during Mercury retrograde:

  • Do not buy any new electrical equipment, computers, televisions, or car (since most new cars have a computer brain) during a retrograde unless you also buy a big ass warranty
  • Do not sign any contracts unless you go over it with a fine tooth comb because you may get screwed in the end
  • Do not start a new job unless it is within your current company
  • Check all invoices and bank statements since computer mistakes are more likely to happen at this time
  • If you plan a trip buy trip insurance just in case you have transportation problems
  • Mercury rules writing and publishing so double check spelling and editing before you submit any work
  • Don’t send that email or text message until you check to make sure that it is going to the right recipient.  How horrible would it be for your boss to get a message meant for someone else especially if you are referring to him as an asshole?
  • Do not trust the autocorrect on your phone when texting.  What did they just massage me?
  • Do clean out your drawers and closets but carefully check all bags. You will most likely realize that you gave your $400 suede jacket to Good Will if you don’t check before donating them at the drop off site
  • Do catch up with old friends and plaster the date and time of your meeting on your forehead so you remember to show up
  • Thinking about a tattoo? Do not get a new tattoo during retrograde Mercury.  You will hate the inking of the red imp with the words “Horney Devil” scrolled underneath by the time you’re 40-trust me!
  • Do little repair work around the house.  It’s OK to tighten a few screws, fix a loose door knob and other routine maintenance but hold off on major renovations unless you want to have one thing unexpectedly lead into another.  Contractors love to tell you that they have to remove your complete ceiling to fix one wire for your lighting-ugh!
  • Do get back to reading that great book you bought last year but never had a chance to finish
  • Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury so be kind to your Mercury ruled friends if they seem a little wigged out during the retrograde

Mercury is the planet of communication, wit, humor, and the messenger of the gods.  During the retrograde keep in mind that all problems hold within themselves a solution and according to Plautus “Patience is the best remedy for every trouble.”



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