Fallen angels (angels meaning emissary, messenger of the Gods) mated with and taught man many scientific and occult (meaning hidden secret) skills.

The big mystery of the ages that has been encoded in sacred texts and hidden away in such places as the Vatican Library are the writings that tell us who the sperm donors were for the original humans, the “designer” species. I use the term “designer” because our creation was not an accident of natural evolution. As recorded in these historical texts and now finally coming to light because of the empowering shift, we have a special heritage.

The true story of our ancestry was hidden/encoded/buried within myths and religious narratives and fell prey to the “telephone” effect, which had the effect of warping or manipulating the information to fit into certain belief systems. 

In the Old Testament of the Bible’s passages from Genesis 6 we learn that the sons of the Gods mated with humans. This was not supposed to happen, but it did.  The offspring of this union were god like in that they now had the ability to think beyond the primal instincts of the original Homorectus.

In the Book of Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah we learn of the so called fallen angels (angels meaning emissary, messenger of the Gods) who also mated with and taught man many scientific and occult (meaning hidden or secret) skills. Our family tree contains many occultists, builders, scientists, and even makeup artists. You can see from the following list of ancient ancestry genealogy recorded in the Book of Enoch how we once embraced the magic of the cosmos.

  • Armaros taught humanity the resolving of enchantments and root cutting (herbology and spells).
  • Araqiel taught humans the signs of the earth.
  • Azazel taught humans to make knives, swords, and shields. He also taught them how to devise ornaments and cosmetics.
  • Baraqel taught humanity astrology.
  • Chazaqiel taught us the signs of the clouds (meteorology).
  • Kokabiel, In the Book of the Angel Raziel, Kakabel is a high ranking being, commanded 365,000 surrogate spirits to do his bidding. He also instructed his fellows in astrology.
  • Sariel, one of the seven archangels originally listed as Saraqel, taught the courses of the moon (at one time regarded as forbidden knowledge).
  • Shamsiel, once a guardian of Eden, was the head of 365 legions of angels. He also crowns prayers, meaning that he has the power and authority to accompany them to the fifth heaven (dimension). In Enoch I he is a fallen angel who teaches the signs of the sun.
The question is who feared that, someday, the servant (humanity) would become the master?  The main blunder was tempting humanity with knowledge—celestial knowledge/astrology, advanced technology, telepathy, shape shifting, astral travel, medical knowledge—when humanity was not ready or sophisticated enough to responsibly integrate this knowledge into their life. (Kind of like encouraging underage drinking but only on a celestial level.)  Our primal instincts combined with the powers of an advanced, alien (meaning someone from a different place) genetic code produced a specie that  has inherent extrasensory abilities  and extraordinary  healing abilities.

 We have to honor and remember not to forget that we  have the inherited power to co-create and manifest  a better world for ourselves and each other.  We must transcend fear because the vibrations from a fear based consciousness will cause blocks and lower the overall vibration of your being, in essence keeping you from connecting into enlightenment or higher consciousness.

 Our consciousness of spirit more or less became a licensee for oppressive ideologies, which include those from capitalism to religious doctrine apparently designed to undermine a mutualistic context to the development of humankind, which would then create an "existential positive energy matrix" that would free us from our time-space continuum on Earth.  Imagine growing up thinking that you were poor only to find out one day that you were really rich and that you had been purposefully misled so that others could control you.
This is why the empowering shift is such a critical time for Earth and her inhabitants. We are just now evolving into our full genetic capabilities, and only the collective consciousness attuned to the highest vibrations of love enable us to grow responsibly into our highest good.

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