Looking for Mr. Good Stones How to choose crystals and gem stones

Ok, so you're ready to take the plunge and gather your stones to see what crystals and gems work for you. Once you get turned on to  crystals and gems there is no doubt that you’ll want to acquire a collection of these amazing, magical, stones. Before you run out to buy any new crystals or gems, take inventory of what you may already have and possibly didn’t even realize was hiding out in your home permeating the rooms with their energy. For instance, your black jade paperweight has been protecting your home and keeping negative energy out. It is your etheric bodyguard maybe that can explain why serial killers always seem to skip your house. Your onyx pen keeps you grounded and balanced thus saving you from over drafting your checking account but best to keep it out of the bedroom because it will lower your sex drive and reduce you to watching hours of Netflix. The awesome agate coasters on your table top can stop you from having the burning desires for things you don’t need and most likely will make you pass on the next round of vodka tonics. If you do get a little looped don’t freak out. See if you have any amethyst often called the sobriety stone. This stone is known to help prevent intoxication and that’s why the ancient Greeks made so many goblets from it. Now there’s a great gift idea for someone going away to college.

    You probably have things like this around your home but were unaware of their remarkable energies. You were drawn to purchasing these things because they resonated with you. Intuitively you linked up on a frequency blind date because you needed certain stone energy, similar to when your body is deficient in a vitamin and you begin to crave foods that can replenish the shortfall. In some weird, synchronistic way even the crystal and gem items you receive as gifts show up with just the bit of juju and healing energy you need or may need down the road. You manage to somehow seek each other out through the web of entangled energies in the Universe.

    While you’re running around your house looking for your undercover magic don’t forget to check out the bling in your jewelry box.  There is possibly a complete holistic pharmacy tucked inside those little velvet cases. Got a headache? Before you reach for ibuprofen or aspirin, I suggest that you dig through you jewelry and see if you have any amethyst or turquoise. Both of these stones are great for headaches especially when the stones are held up close to the head. If you’re feeling run down and tired check if you have ruby rings, cufflinks, or whatever because they are powerful energizers. Rubies are the “Red Bull” of stones. They work best if you hold them close to your root chakra located on the base of your spine. This is probably best done when you are alone or can sneak into an unused conference room at work. Should you not be in a private environment then holding rubies on your tailbone may give the impression that you are digging out a wedgie or doing weird things to yourself. 

  Citrine is another powerful gem. If you were born in November then you must have some birthstone jewelry lying around. Citrine is one stone that really rocks. It aides in memory function and is also a great stone for business success. Some Yogis suggest wearing this stone on the index or ring finger of the right hand for optimum results. Citrine is great to wear if you are going out for Mexican or Indian food since it eases stomach tension and aids in digestion. For the ladies, this stone also relieves the symptoms of PMS and menopause. Man or woman you gotta love this stone.

  Aquamarine is a go- to stone especially if you just ate a whole bag of tortilla chips and consumed a trillion grams of sodium. This stone will get rid of water retention. It is also said to assist with quick intellectual response so this is a great stone to have around especially if you have to come up with a quick bullshit answer for some reason or another.

   I'm sure most of us will want to run out and buy some topaz after I tell you what it can do for you: Topaz bestows fountain of youth affects upon the wearer. That's right. Topaz is like a little rock doc plastic surgeon when it comes to giving you a "lift." As an extra advantage, it is also used for protection, particularly protection from the evil eye...I guess from all of those people who are jealous of your youthful appearance!

    By the way-if you like to buy antique or vintage jewelry be certain to burn some sage and pass the item through the smoke once you get it home. Crystals and gems are energy recorders and you possibly could be energetically tapping into the former owner’s energy intentions. That could explain your sudden cravings for tea and scones every time you wear that bauble. The conditions to which stones are exposed influences the patterns of their frequency which present as stored programs. They are organic bits of technology and at times, as with a computer, they need to be cleared out and reprogramed in order to keep the energy fluid. There are millions of uses for the many different crystals, gems, and stones that are out there waiting for you to dig out in your jewelry armoire and home.

    At the most fundamental level everything is a pulsating frequency so it makes sense that crystals and gems, which have their own frequency, work in an elemental way to keep your energy in a harmonious balance. The tricky part is finding the right stones that work with your system. If you want to be a stoner then remember, stones work with you intuitively.

  Deciding what stones to add to your holistic quarry can be very daunting because there are multiple, upon multiple uses for any one type of stone. If you are just starting down the crystal and gemstone road I suggest putting together a basic chakra set. Basic chakra sets are like spiritual underwear and serve as a foundation for you to build up your personal stone collection. Remember, no dogma. The stones that work for you may be different than the stones that work for someone else.  What if you just want one stone to be your personal pet rock talisman? It’s ok to also start out one stone at a time and become familiar with its vibration but if your chakras are balanced your one lone stone will also go into a better resonance with your energy field.
There is nothing better than adding a little bit of organic magic into your life.

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