Do we secretly long to be our evil twin? The underbelly of your zodiac sign

It is very interesting to notice how people exhibit different traits that are characteristic of their astrological sign.  Similar to our physical genetic code, we carry within us a cosmic code that sets the pre-disposed patterns for our astrological personality. 

 Your astrological sign is, in essence, a key to helping you understand your relationship to the Universe.  It is the often overlooked missing link that threads biology, psychology, and physics together and helps us to understand the nature of consciousness and why we may be predisposed to certain characteristics and even long held karmic patterns. 

     Carl Jung, one of modern psychology’s forefathers, explored the occult, which led him to astrology while he was researching theories on the influence of archetypes and the collective unconscious on the psyche.  Archetypes are primary forms which serve as the basis for imagery, unconsciously evoking the activity of the imagination.  Carl Jung’s endorsement of planets as archetypes, and his theory of synchronicity as a means for explaining astrological coincidences, along with his four function types—intuition, sensation, thinking, and feeling—are roughly paralleled in astrology by the four elements—fire, earth, air, and water. Although Jung was not an astrologer he created theories that helped to illuminate the workings of the psyche and set a cornerstone for astrology to evolve into the twentieth century as a tool to assist the process of self-actualization.

   Ok…. I think you get the picture and see that astrology is not some “fluffy” pseudoscience that is merely for entertainment or god forbid, the tacky connotation of  “fortune telling” but instead a very empowering tool that when used correctly serves as a way to understand yourself and others.  It links you into the cosmic landscape, the main information highway of all elemental existence.

    How many times have you been unable to get past certain issues or found yourself diving head first into repeating patterns with all of your relationships?  Well here is a little bit of inside advice on how to consciously integrate your body, mind, and spirit matrix in order to bypass any problems. Did you ever consider your opposite astrological sign as the “Go To” source that shows you what you need to develop in order to have the full enchilada? 

    The sign 180 degrees from your Sun sign shows you how to balance your inherent temperament with a dash of celestial spice from your astrological counterpoint. The traits that make us crunch up our nose and cringe may just be the unexpected pitch of dynamics that we need to implore in order to move ahead. Often our strengths are found in what we consider to be a weakness.  A Virgo may see a Pisces as too whimsical and consider that to be a flaw when in essence if a Virgo eased up on looking for everything to be so precise their routine nature could be softened into a more receptive temperament of enjoying life’s little unexpected moments even if they are not logged into Virgo’s daily planner.

   Right off the top of my head if one says Aries, I think of an impulsive, impatient person, with a mind of their own, who gets frustrated if things take too long to accomplish and will wander off in search of something else to do that moves more quickly. 

   The sign Libra, on the other end of the astrological wheel from Aries, is loyal to a cause and in order to please everyone will balance duties, delegate who does what and peacefully get the job done (once they decide who to work with which can take forever).  So here is the key to the best case scenario: Aries drive and initiation balanced with the peaceful resolve of Libra.

     Libra gathers from Aries the idea that “nothing gets started until a decision is made” and this helps Libra not spend too much time on weighing decisions and choices back and forth which can result in risking the opportunity to garb the brass ring and make progress. Libra can also see how Aries decisiveness tempered with some natural Libra charm can be a winning combination in almost any situation.

    A  Taurus is a happy, soft nature sign, but may not be the easiest to break out of old stubborn behaviors. Taurus does not like to have anything around them disturbed which can lead to inertia and a life where nothing changes because of the fear of being pushed out of their comfort zone no matter how complacent it may seem.  

  The opposite dynamics of Scorpio are more decisive and show Taurus how to let go of any excess emotional or material baggage to intensely investigate the energy that underlies thoughts and things. This is about letting go of what you do not need and purging with the Pluto ruled force of Scorpio-expulsion and transformation.

   Scorpio can take a page out of Taurus’s book when it comes to the three “P’s”, patience, perseverance, and possessiveness. Scorpio is not as patient as Taurus and investigates every little nuance which sometimes stirs things up that are best left undisturbed. Scorpio is persistent which is sometimes like fingernails scratching down a blackboard. Taurus shows Scorpio how to be steady and allow for things to naturally unfold. Both signs are possessive but Taurus relates it to by not wanting to deal with change; Scorpio is possessive because they don’t want to lose control and sometimes jealousy sets them back. 

   Gemini is changeable and exhibits a lot of nervous energy and often times they have too many things going on at once which can flip their switch and put them into a dark, “leave me alone” type of mood.  Looking to their “go to sign” of Sagittarius, a Gemini can incorporate a more optimistic attitude and instead of expanding all of their Mercury ruled nervous energy into flitting from one thing to another they can pull in the more philosophical and good humored nature that Jupiter bestows on Saggies. By looking to one thing at a time Gemini is able to see the big picture and not become overly concerned with every little detail.

  Sagittarius can take a page out of Gemini’s book when it comes to looking at versatile ways of communicating.  Sagittarius likes to fight for their cause sometimes to the point of not accepting the opinions of others therefore inviting a lot of stupid arguments over what is merely a different point of view. By adopting Gemini’s more “airy” detachment, Sagittarius can avoid causing a tempest in a teapot with even the most innocent of discussions.  Sagittarius can allow everyone their platform of opinion without the need to convert others to their camp.

   Cancers want to help everyone since they are the natural nurtures of the zodiac but in their quest to comfort others they often take on too many emotional burdens and throw themselves into a state of “victim consciousness” that feeds their insecurities making them retreat into their hard protective shell.  Looking to their so called nemesis, Capricorn, Cancer learns how to take a practical, less emotional approach to matters which can be more emotionally grounding.

    Capricorn on the other hand learns to incorporate a more humanistic approach too life’s problems and not to address everything from relationships to the stock market with a “business as usual” attitude.  Capricorn doesn’t vibe to public displays of emotion but showing those closest to them a more vulnerable, softer Cancerian side, actually works in their favor because they come across with a more caring form of confidence that warms up this sign that is noted for being somewhat cold and calculating.

     Leo is dynamic and even when they are quiet you feel their presence.  This is one sign that puts their Ego forward and doesn’t mind being in the limelight.  Leo’s do everything from buttering bread to boardroom meetings with a sense of drama and see all of life as a stage for their personal expression. 

    Aquarius, Leo’s opposite end shows this sign that by taking everyone beyond the self into consideration a larger audience can be won over.  Aquarius sees things from a group perspective while Leo sees thing from a “Me” point of view which can make them seem self-centered.  A little bit of Aquarian type of focus on the “whole” and not the “part” goes a long way since the “whole is greater than the sum of its parts. “ 

    Aquarius is often seen as eccentric in a very aloof sort of way.  They draw attention to themselves in an obscure manner unlike Leo who is usually front and center.  Aquarius can learn from Leo that by being strong and direct they can get their point across and not come across as unusual, eccentric, or different in order to get noticed. The Ego of Aquarius is quieter than that of Leo but none the less also likes the limelight.  Aquarius sees their success as part of a group effort and they can learn from Leo that is OK to acknowledge you own individual contribution to any successful ventures.

    Virgo wants perfection and the “wabi sabi” (the quintessential Japanese aesthetic meaning the beauty of things imperfect, impaired, and incomplete) of life annoys them. Everything has a place and every place has a thing. Virgo wants a neat orderly life that is timed like a clock. This sign is conscious of the mental and physical world around them but sometimes forgets about the spirit’s spontaneous part of life.

    Pisces, the underbelly of Virgo, opens up a mystical world of “no time”, “no place”, and “no matter” to show Virgo a dimension that exists beyond the here and now. This helps Virgo to be less rigid and tied to a routine therefor allowing for the little bits of magick to pop into their life.  Spirit works on spontaneity and synchronicities.

     Pisces is a sign that is able to morph into whoever you want them to be and in essence they sometimes lose who they really are because they are busy playing a part.  Pisces appears to function outside the material world because their reality doesn’t exist on this plane.  There is a real need for this sign to want to escape one way or another whether it is through imagination, deep meditation, or on the lower end, drugs and alcohol. They always look for an open exit door if the energy around them is too heavy.

    Virgo shows Pisces that by caring for the physical and mental parts of the body, they can better create a firm bottom base that keeps them safely anchored when they reach into their creative imagination. Virgo shows Pisces how to stay organized so they can enjoy their time out (in space) to play.

The Under belly of the Evil Twin polarity

 Aries-impatient, argumentative             Libra-easy going, diplomatic

Taurus-patient, inflexible                       Scorpio-penetrating, resourceful

Gemini- versatile, restless                      Sagittarius-dogmatic, happy-go-lucky

Cancer-nurturing, emotional                 Capricorn-stern, indifferent

Leo-proud, dramatic                               Aquarius-humble, unostentatious

Virgo-particular, direct                           Pisces-nonchalant, escapist

    So, here we have it.  Do we secretly long to be our evil twin?  Does a nice Libra really want to tell someone to go “F#&K” themselves the way an Aries would?  By honoring the polarity within ourselves we become more altruistic, authentic, and integrated to all there is and all there will ever be and we come to a better understanding of ourselves and others. Be your underbelly for a day and see how things re-balance in a most magical way.

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