Ascension Depression; Understanding your changing relationship with the material world and those around you

Before you go for an antidepressant, a vodka martini, cut your own bangs, or pig out on some junk food back up a minute and  realize that as you shift to the energy of higher consciousness it is common to feel bummed out.

Vibrations from repressed emotions, the process of detaching from a solely material consciousness, and fear-based feelings can all bring about a temporary condition known as ascension depression. Depression itself is certainly nothing new. We all know that it can be triggered by life-altering events or chemical imbalances in the brain due to diet or drugs. What many people don’t know, however, is that it is sometimes caused by inherited karma from a previous incarnation. I call it ascension depression because it is directly tied to our evolution—ascension—as a species. 

This particular type of depression usually arises because of a blocked root or base chakra, which in turn affects the energy from the other chakra centers. It is similar to how a car sputters and misfires if the spark plugs aren’t gapped correctly. The root chakra, the energy center located at the base of the spine, affects how grounded and secure you feel in the material world. It is the place where you store childhood memories), your memories from other incarnations and your connection to the physical world. The root chakra is also where we pull in Kundalini energy. (Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning “coiled power” or “serpent power.”) This chakra holds the primordial cosmic energy present in every single person. Kundalini awakening is very powerful—the energy flows through you like a power surge and sometimes the brain can’t adapt quickly enough to the intensity of this energy shift. This can also contribute to ascension depression when we experience the inevitable letdown after the energy recedes; in fact, we’ll likely feel this way each time until we can learn to maintain a comfortable, even flow of energy throughout our chakra system. Once it is released, however, this Kundalini energy greatly influences our extrasensory and psychic awakening. . Moving your Kundalini energy can help clear your chakra centers of stagnant/negative energy blocks, allowing each chakra to operate at its’ optimum capacity. This, in turn, improves the condition of the aura bringing about a leap in your frequency/vibration, which opens up your psychic abilities.

In addition to being a possible tipping point for cosmic depression, this chakra also contains the primary eight cells that contain within them all the knowledge pertaining to your creation—your DNA. Here you will find the only cells in your body that do not change during your many lifetimes. .Each cell held in this chakra holds an element of your original consciousness and genetic code. 
We are essentially a trinity consisting of body, mind, and spirit. Our ascension or evolution will connect us more securely with our spirit or energy body. When these three components eventually merge into one, we will recognize with great clarity that security doesn’t come from the material things such as homes, cars, jobs, or money. Our security will now come from our ability to stay in the moment, to control our thoughts, to focus on what we need, to maintain our energy, and, ultimately, to manifest and create the life we desire. That said, the dizzying speed at which these changes occur can leave us feeling a bit out of control and directionless at times—another contributor to depression.

Interestingly, weight gain is another common “side effect” of our evolution. This is because the new frequency coming in is very strong, and the body often creates excess body fat to act as an insulator. Some of this weight gain can be due to excess water weight, too, as becoming more psychically attuned rebalances the water in the body. This is because water is a wonderful conductor of electricity.  If this happens to you, know that your body will eventually find its balance as you evolve. 

Keep in mind that as you evolve, your physical body will become increasingly sensitive to what you pick up with your advanced extrasensory senses. This is similar to going to the movies and putting on 3-D glasses for the very first time. Now your extrasensory senses give you the turned on ability to sense beyond the 3-D range and it may be unsettling at first when you realize that what you thought was one thing actually has an energy that is beyond what you once took for face value. The newness and lack of familiarity of it all can depress you initially. This heightened sensitivity can be very confusing at times, which can also contribute to depression. As well, once you start to realize that structured systems that you once bought into have let you down, you will no longer feel as safe as you once did. This is because the more evolved you are, spiritually speaking, the more turned off you will become to any organization or relationship that stifles and endeavors to control you through the use of fear. Thus, you may go through a temporary period of disempowerment as you detach, change, and align yourself to the new energy.

Ascension depression can be triggered because you feel that life, your friends and even you; yourself have been changing at such a fast rate leaving you at times feeling like you have no control of where you are headed. Some of the changes that occur as we evolve begin to dismantle and take down old ways that don’t work anymore. 

The biggest changes, however, will occur in our relationships. Most of this is due to the fact that we don’t all evolve at the same rate. For example, when you begin to open up spiritually your vibration rises, so being around someone with a lower vibration can be frustrating and even a source of boredom. Basically your values are shifting, but you may not find that everyone feels or thinks as you do. Staying in a relationship in which one person is very materialistic and earth conscious and, perhaps more importantly, not open to the changes going on in your life can be quite challenging and frustrating. As you forge ahead and embrace your newfound abilities and sensibilities, you may feel remorse over the fact that you no longer share the same worldview or values with this person. Admittedly it can be depressing to leave even those relationships you know are not right for you, but try to see them as lessons and opportunities for growth. Always bless the person with good energy; avoid resentment because that will lower your vibration and send you right back into the “box” with them. Know that moving outside of the box will bring you out into a whole new world to explore and vibrate to!

As you evolve and ascend you may find it difficult to express your feelings to others, and you may become discontent with situations that you once resonated to in your lower consciousness. If you don’t feel free to express this discontentment, you may begin to repress your emotions and even turn your anger inward—yet another cause of depression. When we repress emotions we lower our overall vibration rate and start to pull in too much negative current. This negative consciousness vibration is too heavy to coexist happily with the new, lighter frequencies coming in because it negatively affects the spin of our chakras (those psychic spark plugs) and compromises our perception. Indigo Children often suffer from a form of ascension depression because they were misunderstood by society, put into classrooms for ADD (attention deficit disorder), and given drugs like Ritalin to suppress their boundless energy. As adults many become dependent on pharmaceuticals because of the ignorance regarding their true gifts and challenges. There also seems to be a bi-polar type of ascension depression going around these days. People get depressed because they feel stuck, blocked, and repressed, and then they feel euphoric when they get a quick shot of that high-frequency energy. The highly creative Kundalini energy coming from the root chakra sometimes triggers this kind of mania if there isn’t enough grounding energy present. This imbalance sometimes presents as hallucinations (visual, olfactory, and auditory) and delusional thinking. The most important goal for a person with bipolar ascension depression is the proper balance and channeling of psychic and physical energy. An important caveat for today’s overmedicated society: Prescription drugs, particularly antidepressants and antipsychotics, can slow down or completely arrest the transformational process. These drugs may appear to help initially, but they actually keep you from evolving naturally. In addition, the side effects are often more debilitating than the depression itself. All medications stress your liver, the body organ that is responsible (on an energetic level, at least) for processing the vibrations from anger. Of course, you should always consult a medical professional regarding your health, but in my opinion most medications are not the answer to this particular kind of depression.

The world needs to be educated that all of this is part of our evolutionary process. If you do feel depressed, know that you now have the ability to heal yourself. There is no need for drugs that alter your moods, cause adverse side effects, and mess with your overall vibration and body chemistry. Of course, the pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to realize this! You might say that we are detoxing—purging our old beliefs, reinventing ourselves, and redefining our relationships with others as well as our relationship to the material world. Again, you may feel some remorse as you let go of people, memories, and patterns that are no longer for your highest good. As with any detox there is a period of withdrawal, accompanied by restlessness and anxiety, as a result of purging the darker and denser energy within yourself. Even our lovely planet is “detoxing.” We can see how strange weather patterns, earthquakes, volcanoes, and other natural disasters are Earth’s way of cleansing herself from all of the negative vibrations in her aura (atmosphere) as a result of wars, greed, pollution, and other low-vibrating fears being given off by her inhabitants.

So what are we to do? Realize that every time we have a negative thought we can consciously remove it and replace it with something positive. I know what you’re thinking: Try telling that to someone who is having their home foreclosed on, who is unemployed, or who is experiencing a loss. But the truth of the matter is everything we think that we are losing is most likely the wrong vibration for us as we ascend. Focus on your root chakra and pull in grounding energy as you release those heavy burdens you carry (most of which are based on the illusionary success markers of three-dimensional consciousness). You can create a better existence for yourself if you embrace and align yourself with the new vibrations that will merge body, mind, and spirit along with blending the past, present and future into one complete stream of existence. Despite loss and pain, you are always evolving toward becoming whole by integrating every aspect of your being. Your depression may even serve the beneficial purpose of slowing you down enough to reevaluate the changes around you, adapt to a different routine, and allow for new changes to come about in your life. 

Those who refuse to let go of old beliefs and continue to resist our natural evolution will find themselves stuck, like a computer that freezes up. Their unease—dis-ease, really—with the new vibrations will very likely manifest as a disease, either minor or more serious depending on the frequency of their thoughts.  As our thought vibrations take precedence, we are more responsible for what we create for ourselves.

Here are a few things that you can do to ease the depression that may come with your evolution:

  • ·         Get a deep tissue massage. Muscle can store memories of traumatic experiences, whether from this life or another one.

  • ·         Work on grounding your root or base chakra. Visualize the color red in the area of that chakra and begin to release any feelings of living in “victim consciousness.”

  • ·         St. John’s Wort, a wild yellow flower, has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb that has mood improving benefits. (Of course, always check with your physician before taking any herb or medication.)

  • ·         Sound therapy has been shown to increase the amount of dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters associated with happiness. The tone of “C” aids in rebalancing the root chakra.

  • ·         Healing crystals such as lithium quartz, an antidepressant, is useful for calming negative emotions. (I’ll take a case of that one!)

  • ·         Aromatherapy used in diffusion or as massage oils helps relieve stress and depression. Some suggestions: bergamot, cedarwood, chamomile, lavender, neroli, rose, and ylang-ylang.

 Although some of this may sound a bit bleak, know that feeling depressed is always a natural response to the process of letting go. After all, we are still living in the physical world even as we are in the process of letting go of its limited and limiting beliefs. If this happens to you, relax: it is a normal phase to go through, and once you understand what it is you can easily deal with the process.

(Excerpt from The Book of Transformation)

To find out more about shifting to a higher consciousness read The Book of Transformation, specifically Chapter 2  available in paperback, kindle, and nook



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